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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Gold baby names and what they mean, for gold, blond, yellow, with 42 results. These boy names reached the height of their popularity during the years 1950-1959 (ADOPTION OF 0.25%) and are now much less popular (ADOPTION 0.02%, 92%), with names like Kim becoming somewhat dated. Crisantos (TOP 45%) and Blan (21%) are popular surnames. Here is the list of Golden names for girls.

Gold names

Alamar - Fulvio | Gilby - Xanthus | Yukon - Zahavi

Alamar - Fulvio

Based on Arabic element. "Gilded, covered with gold." Alazar is a somewhat popular birth name. Spanish name that also means to .. [Alomar]

Derived fr. Spanish word. "Yellow." Amarillo (UPPER 85%), like Agrillo (UPPER 74%), Armadillo (73%), is a popular -illo suffix last name. Place name ..

.. statesman during the Golden Age of .. Adoption of Aristides and variants as boys' names in 2015 was up significantly compared to 10 years ago. [Aristide, .. 2 more]


.. rich hues of gold and rubies. Somewhat common as a birth name, Arun is comparable to the conventional Aaron. See also Arran.


From Latin word. "Golden." Used frequently as boys' names, Aurelo, Aurelio, etc. are pronounced like the familiar Arlo. Spanish form of the family name .. [Oriel, Aureliano, .. 4 more]

.. "small mountain", Goldberg, "gold mountain", or .. Bers (TOP 83%), Bery (60%) are familiar surnames. [Burgh, .. 3 more]


Stems fr. Gaelic element. "Yellow." Blain and forms were favored as baby names in 2001 and are less popular today. Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal .. [Blayne, .. 3 more]

Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Blond." Not often used as a birth name, Bowie is found more frequently as a surname. Colonel James Bowie, scout and originator .. [Bowen, Bow]


.. to Gaelic "buidhe", meaning "yellow, blond" .. Usage of Boyd and Boid as boys' names in 2015 was down 17.6% compared to the year before. [Boid]

Derivative of Spanish, Greek. "Gold flower." Not in popularity charts. Usually refers to a chrysanthemum. [Crizanto, Crizant, .. 2 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gold names: Arun, Aurelio, Blain, Boyd, Dewitt, Dwight


Derived fr. Flemish language. "Blond." Dwight and variants peaked in popularity 65 years ago and have become less common, with Dewitt becoming somewhat dated. Early American statesman DeWitt Clinton. [Witt, Dwight]


Derived fr. Flemish language. "White or blond." Dwight became less popular last year, falling -226 rankings as a children's name to reach #1560. Variant of DeWitt ..

Derived fr. Spanish language. "The golden man." Rare. Eldorado is not listed in the US Census. Place name ..

Stems fr. Spanish, Latin words. "Blond." Uncommon as a baby name, but Elvio is similar to the more familiar Elvin. From helvus.

.. which may also refer to gold. A birth name that is little-used. [Gildo]

Derivative of Welsh language. "Golden." Sparing use. Eurion is not found in the US Demographics. See also Eron. Masculine form of Euron.

.. banking in the gold rush camps .. Not frequently used as a birth name, Fargo is used more often as a surname. See also Largo.

.. a byname for blond Norse settlers .. Adoption of Fingal, Finn, etc. as birth names in 2015 was up 20.3% compared to the year before. [Fionghall, Finn, .. 2 more]

Origin fr. Latin language. "Yellow hair." Less common today. Flavio was the version last listed (2006) in the Top 2000. Originally a Latin clan name Flā .. [Flawiusz, Flavius, Flaviano, .. 4 more]

.. originally described someone with blond hair. Fulvio is seldom adopted as a children's name.

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Summary Index of Gold names [and variants] for boys.

1. Alamar - Fulvio
Alamar [Alomar], Amarillo, Aristides [Ari, Aristide, Aristeides], Arun, Aurelio [Aurel, Oriel, Aurelo, Aureli, Aurelius, Aureliano], Berg [Burg, Burgh, Bergh, Berger], Blain [Blane, Blaine, Blaney, Blayne], Bowie [Bow, Bowen], Boyd [Boid], Crisanto [Crizant, Cresento, Crisento, Crizanto], Dewitt [Witt, Dwight], Dwight, Eldorado, Elvio, Ermenegildo [Gildo], Eurion, Fargo, Fingal [Fin, Finn, Fingall, Fionghall], Flavian [Flavio, Flavius, Flavien, Flavelle, Flaviano, Flawiusz], Fulvio

Gilby [Gillby, Gilbey, Gillbie, Gillbey], Golding [Golden, Goldman], Goldsmith [Goldshmidt, Goldschmidt], Goldwin [Goldwyn, Goldewin, Goldewyn, Goldwinn, Goldwynn], Guildford [Gilford, Guilford], Hari, Hem, Kenyon, Kim, Ladon, Ofir [Ofeer, Ophir], Ophir [Ofir], Orel [Orry, Oral, Orel, Oriel, Orrel], Oro, Orville [Orv, Orvil, Orval, Orvell, Orvelle], Pazel [Paz], Saffron [Saffran, Saffren, Saphron], Savyon [Savion], Taji, Xanthus [Xanthos]

Yukon, Zahavi

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