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Gold Names

Page 1/3. 56 Gold names and what they mean, for gold, fortune, luck, yellow, wealth, riches for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Gold names for girls.

Alamar .. (Arabic) "Gilded, covered with gold." ..

Amarillo .. (Spanish) "Yellow." ..

Arun .. In Hindi, the name represents dawn colors as well as the rich hues of gold and rubies.

Autha .. (Old German) "Wealth." ..

Ayers .. (English) "Heir to a fortune."

Berg .. Usually found as a suffix in German surnames like Kleinberg, "small mountain", Goldberg, "gold mountain", or Hochberg, "high mountain".
[Berger, Bergh, Burg, Burgh]

Berilo .. The beryl was considered a token of good luck.

Blain .. (Gaelic) "Yellow." ..
[Blaine, Blane, Blaney, Blayne]

Bonaventure .. (Latin) "Good fortune." ..
[Bonaventura, Bueaventura]

Boyd .. Also possibly related to Gaelic "buidhe", meaning "yellow, blond" ..

Chance .. (Middle English) "Good fortune." ..
[Chanse, Chantz, Chanze, Chaunce, Chauncey, .. 2 more]

Colgate .. It was originally called Hamilton Literary and Theological Seminary, but was renamed Colgate University in 1890 for its benefactor, William Colgate of the soap fortune.

Crisanto .. (Spanish, Greek) "Gold flower." ..
[Cresento, Crisento, Crizant, Crizanto]

Ebisu .. Mythology: in Japan, the god of hard work and good luck.

Eden .. May also be used as a variant of Edan, or as a transferred surname derived from the given name Edun or Edon, which is of Old English origin, from ad meaning "riches" and hn meaning "bear cub" ..
[Eaden, Eadin, Edin, Ednan, Edon, .. 2 more]

Edgar .. From ad meaning "riches" and gr meaning "spear" ..
[Eadgar, Eadger, Ed, Eddie, Eddy, .. 7 more]

Edmund .. From ad meaning "riches" and mund meaning "protector" ..
[Eadmund, Eamon, Eamonn, Ed, Eddie, .. 14 more]

Edred .. Anglo-Saxon name from ad meaning "riches" and raed meaning "counsel" ..

Edric .. From ad meaning "riches" and rc meaning "power, rule" ..
[Eddrick, Ederic, Ederick, Edrich, Edrick, .. 1 more]

Edward .. From ad meaning "riches" and weard meaning "guard" ..
[Duarte, Eadbhard, Eadward, Ed, Eddie, .. 22 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gold names: Boyd, Chance, Eden, Edgar, Edmund, Edward

Boyd, Chance, Edgar, Edmund and Edward are commonly used names, while Alamar, Amarillo, Arun, Autha, Ayers, Berg, Berilo, Blain, Bonaventure, Colgate, Crisanto, Ebisu, Eden, Edred and Edric are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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