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Gold Names for boys

Page 1/3. 22 Gold names and what they mean, for gold, yellow for males. Here is the list of Gold names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 1950-1959 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Orville, Kim and Boyd becoming less fashionable.

Alamar .. (Arabic) "Gilded, covered with gold." ..

Amarillo .. (Spanish) "Yellow." ..

Arun .. In Hindi, the name represents dawn colors as well as the rich hues of gold and rubies.

Berg .. Usually found as a suffix in German surnames like Kleinberg, "small mountain", Goldberg, "gold mountain", or Hochberg, "high mountain".
[Berger, Bergh, Burg, Burgh]

Blain .. (Gaelic) "Yellow." ..
[Blaine, Blane, Blaney, Blayne]

Popularity of Gold baby names

Alamar, Amarillo, Arun, Berg and Blain are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

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Related Names

Suggested categories: blue, brown, fortune (luck), green, iron, red (ruddy), silver.

A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for boys

[Alamar - Blain]
Alamar [1], Amarillo, Arun, Berg [4], Blain [4]

[Boyd - Ophir]
Boyd [1], Crisanto [4], Ermenegildo [1], Fargo, Flavian [7], Goldsmith [2], Guildford [2], Kim, Ofir [2], Ophir [1]

[Orville - Zahavi]
Orville [5], Pazel [1], Saffron [3], Savyon [1], Taji, Yukon, Zahavi


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