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Good Names

Page 1/4. 80 Good names and what they mean, for good, best, highest, greater, excellent, perfect for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Good names for girls.

Ace .. (English) "Number one, the best." .. Connotations of superiority come from the fact that ace is the playing card with highest face value ..
[Acee, Acer, Acey, Acie]

Adonis .. (Greek) "Extremely good looking, handsome." ..
[Addonia, Adohnes, Adon, Adones, Adonys]

Agathias .. (Greek) "Good, honorable." ..
[Agathios, Agathius, Agathos]

Akmal .. (Arabic) "Perfect."

Alexander .. Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) conquered and ruled the greater part of the known world before his death at the age of 33 ..
[Al, Alasdair, Alastair, Alaster, Alaxander, .. 65 more]

Ali .. The name is one of the ninety-nine attributes of Allah proposed by Muhammad as excellent names for boy children ..

Amjad .. (Arabic) "Greater glory."

Amory .. Scott Fitzgerald used this name for Amory Blaine, the hero of his first best-selling novel, "This Side of Paradise" ..
[Aimory, Amery, Amorey, Amry]

Aristeo .. (Spanish, Greek) "Best."
[Aris, Aristio, Aristo, Aristos]

Aristides .. (Greek) "Best." ..
[Ari, Aristeides, Aristide]

Aristotle .. (Greek) "The best of all." ..
[Ari, Arie, Aristotelis, Aristotellis, Arri, .. 1 more]

Balder .. Norse mythology: the god Balder is called "the good", and reigns over summer, light, and innocence.
[Baldor, Baldur, Baudier]

Berilo .. The beryl was considered a token of good luck.

Bonamy .. (French) "Good friend."

Bonaventure .. (Latin) "Good fortune." ..
[Bonaventura, Bueaventura]

Boone .. (Old French, Latin) "Good." ..

Bravo .. (Italian) "Excellent, courageous." ..
[Brahvo, Bravvo]

Bunyan English name of uncertain meaning, though it may be related to the French word "bon", or "good" ..

Burr .. In America, made famous by Jefferson's Vice-President Aaron Burr, who is probably best known for having killed his political enemy Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1801 ..

Candido .. Volitaire's famous novel "Candide" makes fun of the theory that "all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds" ..
[Candide, Candidio]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Good names: Ace, Adonis, Alexander, Ali, Burr, Candido

Alexander and Ali are commonly used names, while Ace, Adonis, Agathias, Akmal, Amjad, Amory, Aristeo, Aristides, Aristotle, Balder, Berilo, Bonamy, Bonaventure, Boone, Bravo, Bunyan, Burr and Candido are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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