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Good names and what they mean, for good, best, highest, greater, perfect, excellent for males. Here is the list of Good names for girls. Usage of these boy names is at its apex today, except for names such as Rashad, Eugene, Candido and Lemuel which have become less trendy. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Major (#350), Ace (#379), Tobias (#419), Adonis (#726) and Hassan (#759), with Ace and Major enjoying a rebound in usage.

Ace - Alexander

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Ace 1 .. Derivative of English element. "Number one, the best." The name Ace has gained in popularity over the years since 1880-1889. See also Asa. .. card with the highest face value .. [Acee, Acey, .. 2 more]

Adonis 2 .. Stems fr. Greek element. "Extremely good looking, handsome." A popular choice for a birth name for boys (#726 in 2014), Adonis is also found commonly as a last name. See also Adonia. Greek mythology .. [Addonia, Adohnes, Adones, .. 2 more]

Agathias 3 .. Derived fr. Greek. "Good, honorable." Rare as a name for newborns. The masculine form of Agatha. [Agathios, Agathius, .. 1 more]

Akmal 4 .. Root fr. Arabic word. "Perfect." Seldom used as a name for babies, existing more often as a surname. [Aqmal]

Alexander 5 .. .. and ruled the greater part of .. Also suitable as a girls' name. Alexander is a common (Top 11%) masculine name, and it appears regularly (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census. The variations Xander, Alexandro and Alek are commonly used as forms of the name. [Al, Alastair, Alaxander, Alcinder, Alec, .. 65 more]

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[Ace - Alexander]
Ace [Acee, Acer, Acey, Acie], Adonis [Adon, Adones, Adonys, Addonia, Adohnes], Agathias [Agathos, Agathios, Agathius], Akmal [Aqmal], Alexander [Xander, Zander, Zandro, Zandros, Saunders, Sikander, ..]

[Ali - Goodyear]
Ali [Alia], Amjad [Amjed], Amory [Amry, Amery, Aimory, Amorey], Aristeo [Aris, Aristo, Aristos, Aristio], Aristides [Ari, Aristide, Aristeides], Aristotle [Ari, Ary, Arri, Arie, Aristotelis, Aristotellis], Balder [Baldor, Baldur, Baudier], Berilo [Berillo], Bonamy [Bonami], Bonaventure [Bonaventura, Bueaventura], Boone, Bravo [Brahvo, Bravvo], Bunyan, Candido [Candide, Candidio], Carter [Cartier, Cartrell], Chance [Chantz, Chanze, Chaunce, Choncey, Chauncy, Chauncey], Cullen [Cullan, Cullin, Cullinan], Debonair [Debonnair, Debonnaire], Denali, Devin [Dev, Devon, Devyn, Devinn, Devynn], Ebisu, Eugene [Jeno, Owen, Yevgeny, Yevgeni, Iphigenios, Iphigenius, ..], Euodias, Eusebius [Eusebe, Eusebio, Eusavio, Eusevio, Eusevios, Eusebios, ..], Eustace [Eustis, Stacey, Eustiss, Eustazio, Eustatius, Jevstachi, ..], Evan [Van, Ewy, Evyn, Ewan, Ewen, Owen, ..], Evander, Evangel [Vangelo, Vangelis, Evangelo, Vangelios, Evangelos, Evangelino], Evaristus [Evariste, Evaristo], Fadile [Fadl, Fadil, Fadle, Fazil], Felim [Phelim, Feidhlim], Galahad [Galath], Ganesh [Ganesha], Gautam [Gotama], Gentry, Godwin [Godwyn, Godwinn, Goodwin, Goodwyn, Goodwynn, Goodwynne, ..], Gomer, Goodman [Guttman, Goodmann, Guttmann], Goodwin [Goodwyn, Goodwinn, Goodwynn], Goodyear

[Hakon - Zion]
Hakon [Hako, Hacon, Hagan, Hagen, Hakan, Haakon, ..], Hasani [Hasan], Hassan [Hasan, Hasani, Hassain], Hideo, Hussein [Husain, Husayn, Husein, Hussain], Kamal [Kamil, Kameel], Kenneth [Ken, Kenny, Kennet, Kennett, Kennith], Kibo, Lakshman, Lemuel [Lem, Lemmie], Maccoy [Mccoy, Maccoy], Maimon [Malmun], Major [Majer, Mayer, Mayor], Makoto, Naren, Naveed [Navid], Noam, Olimpio [Olimpo, Olympio, Olympus, Olympios], Omari, Osher, Pawnee, Perfecto, Rashad [Rashod, Rashaad], Santiago [Santigo, Sandiago, Sandiego, Santeago, Santiaco], Seraphim [Saraph, Seraph, Serafin, Sarafino, Serafino, Seraphimus], Sohan [Sohil], Speed, Sujay [Sujit], Syon, Tavi [Tavee], Tobias [Toby, Tobie, Tobin, Tobit, Tobyn, Tobiah, ..], Toby [Tobe, Tobi, Thoby, Tobey, Tobie, Tobee, ..], Tuvya [Tov, Tovyah, Toviah, Tuvyah, Toviach, Tuviyahu], Vander, Venturo [Venturio], Wenceslaus [Wenzel, Wenceslas, Vyachaslav, Vyacheslav, Wenczeslaw, Wiencyslaw, ..], Yazid [Yazeed], Zion [Sion]