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Grace Names

7 Grace names and what they mean, for grace for baby boys, listing 1-7. Here is the list of Grace names for girls.

Chaniel .. (Hebrew) "Grace of God."
[Chanyel, Haniel, Hanniel, Hanyel]

Esmond .. From ast meaning "grace, beauty" and mund meaning "protection" ..

Hannibal .. (Phoenician) "Grace of Baal." ..

Heinz Variant of Hans (Hebrew) "God's grace".

Hulbert .. (Old German) "Bright grace."
[Bert, Hulbard, Hulburd, Hulburt]

Mccrea .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Son of grace." ..
[Maccrae, Maccray, Maccrea, Macrae, Mccrea]

Nicholas .. Actors Nicholas Cage, Nikolas Grace, Nicol Williamson ..
[Claas, Claes, Claus, Colas, Cole, .. 56 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Grace names: Nicholas

Nicholas is a commonly used name, while Chaniel, Esmond, Hannibal, Heinz, Hulbert and Mccrea are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: address, beauty, blessing, bloom, breeding, brilliance, color, command, compassion, culture, cunning, desert, devotion, generosity, honor, kindness, love, luxury, mercy, office, ornament, poetry, polish, praise, prayer, purity, quality, resource, service, superiority, value, virtue, wit.

Ahab .. Pleasant way to address an uncle ..

Agapito .. Spanish name from the Greek word "agape" ..
[Agapeto, Agapetus, Agapios]

Aeson .. Since the name Jason has been so fashionable this name may appeal to some.

Achilles .. Mythology: name of the hero of the Trojan War, celebrated in Homer's "Iliad", famous for his valor and manly beauty ..
[Achill, Achille, Achillea, Achilleo, Achilleus, .. 10 more]

Barack .. (Hebrew, Swahili, African) "Blessing." ..
[Barak, Barrak]

Gulzar .. (Arabic) "In bloom, flourishing."

Breed .. Possibly an occupational name to do with animal breeding ..

Or .. (Hebrew) "Light, brilliance." ..

Kano .. (Japanese) "One's masculine power, capability."

Camilo .. Could possibly be traced back to the young girls who assisted at pagan religious ceremonies ..
[Camillo, Camillus, Comillo]

Agapito .. (Greek) "Lovingkindness, charity." ..
[Agapeto, Agapetus, Agapios]

Ranjit .. (Hindi, Sanskrit) "Influenced by charm." ..

Reynard .. The French word for fox, "renard", comes from medieval European animal stories in which the cunning fox is known as "Reynard" in reference to his cleverness.
[Raynard, Reinhard, Reinhardt, Renard, Renardo, .. 4 more]


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