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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Gracious baby names and what they mean, for gracious, kind, grace, mercy, with 72 results. These boy names were at the height of their popularity in the 1880s (ADOPTION OF 8.7%) and have become much less widespread since (ADOPTION 3.6%, 59%), with names like Sean going out of style. The more fashionable birth names here are Kyrie (#334), Milan (#424), Ivan (#138), Zane (#233) and Kannon (#850), while Malan (TOP 12%) and Milen (60%) are conventional last names. Here is the list of Gracious names for girls.

Gracious names

Aidan - Gian | Giovanni - John | Jon - Racham | Rahim - Zane

Aidan - Gian

.. noted for his kindness and generosity .. Aidon is also a slightly prominent birth name. [Eiden, Eden, Ayden, Aydan, Aidyn, .. 6 more]

Source fr. Arabic. "Kind." Anif and Atar are creative variations. In Islam, one the ninety nine .. [Atiph, .. 2 more]

.. meaning "one without mercy", or a .. Unconventional. Compare Atli with popular last names Almli (TOP 87%), Adili (83%), which also end with -li. See also Atley.

Origin fr. Japanese word. "Compassionate warrior." Not Top 2000 name.

Derivative of Latin language. "Kind, well born." Adoption of Benigno was well-received 6 decades ago. From the word "benign".

Source fr. Old English element. "Kind and loved." Common, with usage of 0.047% for Cedric and variants as boys' names in 2015, but lower than 0.054% in 2014. [Sedrik, Sedric, Rickey, Cedro, .. 7 more]

Based on Spanish, Hebrew elements. "God is gracious." Chan was not among 2015's Top names. See also Conn. Nickname for John ..

Stems fr. Hebrew. "God was compassionate." Not that prominent as a baby name. [Hanan]

Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Grace of God." Chaniel, Chanyel, etc. are seldom used as children's names. [Hanyel, Hanniel, Chanyel, .. 1 more]

Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Gracious." Not much used as a baby name. [Honi]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gracious names: Aidan, Benigno, Cedric, Ellis, Eoin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gracious names: Esmond, Evan, Gael, Gian

From Irish, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Common, with usage of 0.011% for Eion, Ion, etc. as birth names in 2015, higher than 0.011% the previous year. Variant of John via Ian. [Ion, .. 3 more]

Derived fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Elchana and variants were not Top birth names in 2015. Biblical name. [Elkanah, .. 4 more]

Source fr. Welsh word. "Kind." Elisud is not often adopted as a birth name. From elus ..

.. derives from elus meaning "kind, benevolent" .. Ellis is familiar (upper 35%) as a first name, while Elli, Elliss and Ellyce are unusual. [Ellyce, Elli, .. 1 more]

Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Eoin and Ean are commonplace as variant forms. Irish form of John, by way .. [Ion, .. 1 more]

From Íast meaning "grace, beauty" and .. Esmond is familiar as a form. [Esmund]

Root fr. Hebrew, Welsh, Scottish elements. "God is gracious; born of yew;." Usage of Evyn and variants was widespread a decade ago and is almost as conventional now. Welsh variant of Iefan, a later .. [Van, Owen, Ewy, Ewen, Evin, Evann, .. 10 more]

.. name JudicaŽl, meaning "generous leader" .. A highly familiar children's name. [Gale]

.. of John (Hebrew) "God is gracious" .. Gagan (UPPER 32%), Gajan (80%) are conventional surnames. [Gehan]

Derivative of Italian, Hebrew elements. "God is gracious." Gianney and variants are seldom found as male names. Respelling of John, often used in .. [Gianny, Gianni, .. 1 more]

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Summary Index of Gracious names [and variants] for boys.

1. Aidan - Gian
Aidan [Edan, Eden, Eidan, Eiden, ..], Atif [Atef, Ateef, Atiph], Atli, Atsushi, Benigno, Cedric [Ricky, Sedric, Sedrik, Sedrick, ..], Chan, Chanan [Hanan], Chaniel [Haniel, Hanyel, Chanyel, Hanniel], Choni [Honi], Eion [Ean, Eon, Ion, Eann], Elchanan [Elhanan, Elkanah, Elchanah, Elhannan], Elisud, Ellis [Elli, Elliss, Ellyce], Eoin [Ean, Ion], Esmond [Esmund], Evan [Ewy, Van, Ewen, Owen, ..], Gael [Gale], Gahan [Gehan], Gian [Gianny, Gianni, Gianney]

Giovanni [Jovan, Jovanni, Jovanno, Jovanney, ..], Hampus, Hannan, Hannibal [Anibal, Anibale], Hans [Hanns, Hanss, Hanzel, Hansel, ..], Hansel [Hanzel], Hiroshi, Hovannes, Hulbert [Bert, Hulbard, Hulburd, Hulburt], Huon, Ian [Eon, Ion, Eion, Iain, ..], Ieuan [Ifan, Iefan], Ioanis, Ivan [Iwan, Ifan, Ivano, Ivanhoe], Jack [Jaq, Jak, Jacq, Jacqin, ..], Jan [Hans, Jano, Janos, Janek], Jean [Jeanluc, Jeanpaul, Jeanpierre, Jeanphilippe, ..], Jens [Jensen, Jenson, Jensson], Jock [Jocko], John [Zane, Vanya, Yanno, Yanni, ..]

Jon [Jonny, Jonte, Jontae, Jonpaul, ..], Jonathan [Jon, Jonathon, Johnathan, Johnathon], Jovan [Jovi, Jovin, Jovon, Jovito, ..], Juan [Juwan, Juanito, Juanluis, Juanpablo], Kannon [Kannan, Kannen], Kareem [Karam, Karim, Kharim], Kedrick [Kedric, Keddrick], Keon [Kian], Kerem, Kieran [Kiran, Kierren, Kierron, Kierrin, ..], Klemens [Kliment, Klement, Klemenis], Knud, Kyrie, Latif [Latiph, Lateef, Lateeph], Maccrea [Mccrea, Macrae, Maccray, Maccrea], Milan, Naman, Nicholas [Nils, Nikos, Nilos, Nikolos, ..], Qasim, Racham [Rahim, Raham, Rachim]

Rahim [Raheem, Rahiem], Sean [Shane, Shaun, Shawn, Shaughn, ..], Shafiq [Shafik, Shafeek], Shane [Shayn, Shaine, Shayne], Shawn [Shonn, Shawnn, Shawnel, Shawnell, ..], Sinjin, Vanya, Yann [Yannic, Yannick], Yannis [Yanni, Ioannis, Yannakis], Yochanan [Johanan, Yohannan], Yovanny [Yovanni, Yovanney], Zane [Zain, Zaine, Zayne]

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