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Gracious Names

Page 1/4. 75 Gracious names and what they mean, for gracious, kind, grace, mercy, loving, generous, generosity, compassionate, friendly for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Grace names for girls.

Aidan .. Name of a bishop of Ferns (seventh century) who was noted for his kindness and generosity ..
[Aedan, Aidano, Aiden, Aidyn, Aydan, .. 6 more]

Atif .. (Arabic) "Kind." ..
[Ateef, Atef, Atiph]

Atli .. Also an Old Norse name possibly meaning "one without mercy", or a variant of Attila king of the Huns.

Atsushi .. (Japanese) "Compassionate warrior."

Benigno .. (Latin) "Kind, well-born." ..

Caspar .. A 1960s TV series featured Casper the Friendly Ghost.
[Casper, Cass, Gaspar, Gaspard, Gasparo, .. 3 more]

Cedric .. (Old English) "Kind and loved." ..
[Caddaric, Ced, Cedrick, Cedrik, Cedro, .. 6 more]

Chanan .. (Hebrew) "God was compassionate."

Chaniel .. (Hebrew) "Grace of God."
[Chanyel, Haniel, Hanniel, Hanyel]

Choni .. (Hebrew) "Gracious."

Eion .. (Irish, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Ean, Eann, Eon, Ion]

Elchanan .. (Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Elchana, Elchanah, Elhanan, Elhannan, Elkanah]

Elisud .. (Welsh) "Kind." ..

Ellis .. In Wales the name is used as an anglicized form of the Old Welsh name Elisud, which derives from elus meaning "kind, benevolent" ..
[Elli, Elliss, Ellyce]

Eoin .. (Irish, Gaelic, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Ean, Ion]

Esmond .. From ast meaning "grace, beauty" and mund meaning "protection" ..

Evan .. (Hebrew, Welsh, Scottish) "God is gracious." ..
[Euan, Euen, Evann, Evans, Ev, .. 10 more]

Gahan Possibly a Scottish variant of John (Hebrew) "God is gracious" ..

Gian .. (Italian, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Gianney, Gianni, Gianny]

Giovanni .. (Italian, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Geovani, Geovanney, Geovanni, Geovanny, Geovany, .. 14 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gracious names: Aidan, Cedric, Ellis, Evan, Gian, Giovanni

Cedric, Ellis, Evan and Giovanni are commonly used names, while Aidan, Atif, Atli, Atsushi, Benigno, Caspar, Chanan, Chaniel, Choni, Eion, Elchanan, Elisud, Eoin, Esmond, Gahan and Gian are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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