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Gray Names

14 Gray names and what they mean, for gray for baby boys, listing 1-14. Dorian, Floyd, Graham, Leslie and Lloyd are commonly used names, while Blanford, Ferrand, Gray, Graydon, Grayson, Greeley, Griswold, Horton and Spalding are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Gray names for girls.

Blanford .. "Gray man's ford." ..

Dorian .. Literary: in Oscar Wilde's novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray", Dorian was granted the wish that he would retain perpetual youth and beauty ..
[Dore, Dorien, Dorion, Dorrian, Dorrien, .. 1 more]

Ferrand .. "Gray-haired."
[Farand, Farrand, Farrant, Ferrant]

Floyd .. "Gray-haired." ..

Graham .. "Gray homestead." ..
[Graeham, Graeme, Grahame]

Gray .. Poet Thomas Gray.
[Graye, Grey]

Graydon .. Possibly "son of the gray-haired one" or a place name: "gray settlement" ..

Grayson .. "Son of the gray-haired man."
[Graydon, Greydon, Greyson]

Greeley .. "Gray meadow." ..
[Greelea, Greeleigh, Greely]

Griswold .. "Gray woods." ..

Horton .. "Gray settlement." ..
[Horten, Orton]

Leslie .. Also possibly "the gray castle" ..
[Les, Leslea, Leslee, Lesley, Lesly, .. 1 more]

Lloyd .. "Gray-haired." ..
[Floyd, Loyd]

Spalding .. Performance artist Spalding Gray.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Gray names: Dorian, Floyd, Graham, Grayson, Leslie, Lloyd

Featured categories: ancient, bay, black, dark, dusty, flat, haggard, muddy, old, pale, pearl, silver, white.

Nestor .. Both meanings are related to the aged but vigorous king of Pilos, a character in Homer's "Iliad", who longed for the Trojan War to be finished so he could return to his home in Greece ..
[Nester, Nesterio, Nestore, Nestorio]

Aditya .. This is the name for the seven Hindu gods who are the children of Aditi, the ancient Hindu goddess of the sky and fertility.

Bay ..

Bayard .. Seigneur de Bayard, "the irreproachable and fearless", was a 16th-century French knight and national hero renowned for his valor and purity of heart .. In French medieval romance, Bayard (or Baiardo, or Bajardo) is a magical horse given to the hero Rinaldo .. In America, three generations of Bayards were Senators from Delaware in the 18th and 19th centuries.
[Baiardo, Bajardo, Bay, Baylen]

Adham .. "Black." ..

Armon .. "Chestnut."


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