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Great Names

Page 3/5. 99 Great names and what they mean, for great for baby boys, listing 41-60. Elijah, Gordon, Gregory, Harley, Howard and Kareem are commonly used names, while Epicurus, Erie, Ermenegildo, Eunan, Euphrates, Firdos, Galileo, Gedaliah, Gladstone, Grosvenor, Hamilton, Hampton, Hannibal and Inigo are rare in comparison.

Elijah .. Biblical: Elijah was a great prophet of Israel who performed many miracles as told in the Book of Kings, and who is said not to have died, but was carried up into Heaven in a fiery chariot ..
[Eli, Elia, Elias, Elie, Elihu, .. 10 more]

Epicurus .. A philosopher of great influence, who proposed that philosophy's purpose should be to make life happy ..

Erie American place name: one of the Great Lakes, the famous Erie Canal from Albany to Buffalo, and a tribe of Native Americans who lived in western New York State and Ohio.

Ermenegildo .. "Great valor." ..

Eunan .. Diminutive of adomnae, which means "great fear" ..

Euphrates .. "Great river." ..

Firdos .. The related name Firdausi is famous for the great Persian poet Abdul Qaaasim Mansur Firdausi (10th century), author of the epic "Shahnama" (or "The Book of Kings").

Galileo .. The name of the great 16th- and 17th-century Italian astronomer, who built the first astronomical telescope and confirmed Copernicus' theory that the planets revolve around the sun.

Gedaliah .. "God is great."
[Gedalia, Gedaliahu, Gedalio, Gedalya]

Gladstone .. Used in the 19th century as homage to the great British Prime Minister Ewart Gladstone.

Gordon .. Name of one of the great Scottish clans ..
[Gordan, Gorden, Gordie]

Gregory .. The first of the 16 popes and 10 saints with the name was called Gregory the Great ..
[Graig, Greer, Greg, Greger, Gregg, .. 13 more]

Grosvenor .. "Great hunter." ..

Hamilton .. Place name and surname of one of the great noble families in Scotland ..
[Hamel, Hamelton, Hamil, Hamill]

Hampton .. Hampton Beach, Virginia is the oldest English settlement in continuous existence in America, and Hampton Roads is the channel to one of the great natural harbors ..

Hannibal .. Name of a great general of Carthage, a kingdom in North Africa .. He was an enemy of the Roman Empire and masterminded a great military feat when he crossed the Alps with a baggage train of elephants to invade Italy.

Harley .. Familiar as the name of a great motorcycle, the Harley-Davidson.
[Arlea, Arleigh, Arley, Harlea, Harlee, .. 2 more]

Howard .. Occupational name and surname of one of the great houses of English nobility ..
[Howie, Ward]

Inigo .. Modern use is likely to be homage to the great English architect Inigo Jones.

Kareem .. Basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
[Karam, Karim, Kharim]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Great names: Elijah, Gordon, Gregory, Hamilton, Hampton, Harley, Howard, Kareem

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