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Anson 16 .. Baseball great Cap Anson. The name Anson is getting increasingly popular as a birth name for boys. See also Aeson. [Annson, Hanson, .. 1 more]

Aram 17 .. Origin fr. Assyrian word. "High." Also used as a girls' name. Aram is unique as a men's name. .. [Arram]

Archelaus 18 .. Herod the Great had a son of that name who is mentioned in the Bible .. Infrequently used as a birth name. See also Arcelius. [Archelaios, Arkelaus, .. 1 more]

Ardal 19 .. From Irish, Gaelic language. "High or bear-like valor." Ardal is a scarcely used male name. See also Abdal. [Ardghal]

Arden 20 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Great forest." A somewhat infrequently used birth name that is found more commonly as a surname. Name used for both genders. .. [Ard, Ardie, Ardon, Arrden, .. 3 more]

Aristeo 21 .. From Spanish, Greek elements. "Best." Aristeo is scarcely used as a male name. [Aris, Aristio, Aristos, .. 1 more]

Aristides 22 .. Source fr. Greek word. "Best." Infrequently used as a birth name. .. [Ari, Aristide, .. 1 more]

Aristotle 23 .. From Greek element. "The best of all." Aristotle is unique as a male name. .. [Ari, Arie, Aristotellis, Ary, .. 2 more]

Arni 24 .. Based on Hebrew element. "High." Uncommon as a name for baby boys. See also Arwin. ..

Arsenio 25 .. According to tradition, Saint Arsenius the Great (fourth century) tutored the sons of the Roman emperor Theodosius .. The name Arsenio has decreased in favor as a boys' name over the years since 1990. See also Argento. [Arcenio, Arsanio, Arseinio, Arsen, Arseni, .. 10 more]

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