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Ground Names

6 Ground names and what they mean, for ground for baby boys, listing 1-6. Antaeus, Bassett, Chaparral, Graves, Halstead and Spike are rare names.

Antaeus .. Greek mythology: son of the Earth and the Sea, a wrestler who was invincible while his feet touched the ground ..
[Antaios, Anteo, Anteus]

Bassett .. Also the name of a short-legged hunting dog, the basset hound, possibly named so because its torso is so low ("bas" in French) to the ground.

Chaparral .. Chaparral is the term used to describe various kinds of low-growing ground covers such as the mesquite found in the southwestern America ..

Graves .. Commemorates an area near a community burial ground ..

Halstead .. "The manor grounds." ..
[Hallstead, Hallsted, Halsted]

Spike .. In sports, "spiking" a ball means slamming it to the ground ..

Popularity of Ground baby names

Featured categories: acres, brush, charcoal, coach, color, coloring, department, district, dusty, dye, earth, enclosure, flat, guide, ideal, ledge, pack, pale, park, place, plain, plant, post, principle, region, right, school, show, site, soil, space, spring, square, standing, status, stump, territory, theater, train, tutor, wedge, woodland.

Campbell .. The hereditary heads of the Campbell clan, the Dukes of Argyll, at one time controlled vast acres of the Scottish highlands and commanded the loyalty of thousands of men ..

Aramis In fiction, the famous swordsman from Alexandre Dumas's "The Three Musketeers", notable for his ambition and religious aspirations.

Androcles .. When Androcles was later tossed into an arena to face the traditional band of ravenous lions, he encountered the same lion which set him free ..

Barrett Possibly (Middle English) "dispute, argument", (Old German) "bear-strength", or from Barrette (Old French) "cap" ..
[Baret, Barrat, Barratt, Barret, Barrette, .. 3 more]

Beacher ..
[Beach, Beachy, Beech, Beecher, .. ]

Clayborne .. "Brook near a clay-bedBorder near a clay-bed." ..
[Claiborn, Claiborne, Clay, Claybourne, Clayburn, .. 2 more]

Reis .. Possibly meaning "knight on horseback", "gatherer of twigs", "wood carver" or "dweller in the brush".

Peter .. Jesus said of him, "Upon this Rock I will build my church" ..
[Boutros, Par, Peder, Pedro, Pekka, .. 16 more]

Chalkley .. "Chalk meadow." ..
[Chalklea, Chalklie]

Coakley .. "Charcoal meadow." ..
[Coakly, Cokeley, Cokelie, Cokely]

Barnum .. Barnum, founder of Barnum & Bailey's circus and one of America's great showmen.

Ali .. Also, Muhammad Ali was the name adopted by boxer Cassius Clay when he converted to Islam.

Bo .. Football coach Bo Schembechler ..

Arun .. In Hindi, the name represents dawn colors as well as the rich hues of gold and rubies.


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