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Handsome names and what they mean, for handsome, beautiful, beauty for men. Adoption of these boy names was at its apex in 1993 (usage of 0.1149%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1029%, down 10.5%), but with names such as Jamal, Paris, Shaquille, Gaston and Ervin falling out of style. The trendier names for newborns in this compilation are Cain (#727), Ares (#781), Beau (#228), Oliver (#32) and Adonis (#726), with Oliver undergoing a rebound in usage.

Absalom - Ares

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Absalom 1 .. .. renowned for his handsome appearance and .. Absolon and variants are not Top 1000 names. [Absalon, Absolom, .. 5 more]

Achilles 2 .. .. for his valor and manly beauty .. Not that popular as a baby name, Achilles is used more frequently as a surname. [Achill, Achillios, Akilles, Aquil, Aquiles, Quilo, .. 10 more]

Adonis 3 .. Source fr. Greek word. "Extremely good looking, handsome." Prevalent. Adonis (cf. Innis, Giannis) ends with the common androgynous-sounding -nis. .. paragon of male beauty, making it .. [Addonia, Adonys, .. 3 more]

Arden 4 .. .. of the magically beautiful forest in .. Somewhat atypical as a boys' name, Arden is found more often as a surname. [Ard, Ardie, Ardon, .. 4 more]

Ares 5 .. .. lovers of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty .. Ares has increased in popularity as a birth name since 1880-1889. See also Aric.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Handsome names: Adonis, Arden, Ares

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[Absalom - Ares]
Absalom [Absolom, Absolon, Avshalom, Avsholom, ..], Achilles [Aquil, Quilo, Aquiles, Aquilles, ..], Adonis [Adon, Adones, Adonys, Adohnes], Arden [Ardy, Ardin, Ardon, Arrden, ..], Ares

[Beal - Dorian]
Beal [Beall, Beals, Beale, Bealle], Beau [Bo, Boe, Beaudan, Beaudine, ..], Beauchamp [Beecham], Beaufort, Beaumont, Beauregard [Beau], Belindo [Bellindo], Bellamy [Bell, Bellemy, Bellamie, Bellamey], Bellarmine [Bellarmino], Belmont [Bellmont], Belton [Bellton], Belvedere [Belveder, Belvider, Belvidere, Bellvidere, ..], Cain [Kain, Caine, Kaine], Canice, Cavan [Kavan], Como, Cosmo [Kosmo, Cosme, Cosimo], Cullen [Cullan, Cullin, Cullinan], Devon [Devyn, Devion, Devron, Devonn, ..], Dorian [Dorion, Dorrian, Dorrien, Dorryen, ..]

[Eirian - Keeley]
Eirian, Endymion [Endimion], Ervin, Esmond [Esmund], Fairfax, Faron [Faro, Farren, Farrin, Farron], Farren [Farrin, Farron, Ferrin, Ferron], Frey, Gaston [Gascon, Gastone], Hasani [Hasan], Hassan [Hasan, Hasani, Hassain], Hussein [Husain, Husayn, Husein, Hussain], Jamal [Jomal, Jimahl, Jomahl, Jomall, ..], Jaroslav [Jarek, Jaroslaw], Jemal, Kai [Kaj, Keh, Kye], Kauai [Kawai], Kavan [Cavan, Kayvan, Kayven], Keefe [Keeffe], Keeley [Kealy, Keely, Kealey, Keelie]

[Kevin - Yorath]
Kevin [Kevon, Kevyn, Kevis, Kevron, ..], Nalin [Nameen], Narcisse [Narses, Narciso, Narkissos, Narcissus], Noam, Oliver [Olley, Ollie, Olliver, Ollivor, ..], Orpheus [Orfeo, Orphie], Paris [Parris], Shafir [Shefer, Shafar, Shafeer], Shakil [Shaquil, Shakille, Shaqueel, Shaquille, ..], Shaquille [Shaque, Shaquil, Shaquile, Shaqueel, ..], Shenandoah, Sohan [Sohil], Tahoe, Yorath