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Hares names and what they mean, for hares, rabbit for men. Usage of these boy names was at its peak in 1880-1889 and it is somewhat lower today, with names like Warren becoming less fashionable. Harvey (#493) is the most fashionable baby name in this compilation, with this name having a rebound in usage.

Arledge - Hargrove

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Arledge 1 .. Source fr. Old English word. "Lake with the hares." An uncommon birth name, Arledge is found more commonly as a surname. .. [Arlidge, Arrledge, .. 1 more]

Coney 2 .. From Middle English element. "Rabbit." An unusual birth name for males which occurs more conventionally as a surname. See also Con.

Harden 3 .. Based on Old English element. "Valley of the hares." Atypical as a name for boys, Harden is found more often as a last name. See also Marden. .. [Hardin, Hardon]

Harford 4 .. From Old English language. "Ford of the hares." Harford is a rarely used male name, appearing commonly (Top 22%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Halford. .. [Harfurd, Harrfurd, .. 1 more]

Hargrove 5 .. Based on Old English element. "Grove of the hares." Atypical as a birth name for males, Hargrove is used more often as a last name. [Hargrave, Hargreaves]

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[Arledge - Hargrove]
Arledge [Arlidge, Arlledge, Arrledge], Coney, Harden [Hardin, Hardon], Harford [Harfurd, Harrford, Harrfurd], Hargrove [Hargrave, Hargreaves]

[Harvey - Warren]
Harvey [Herv, Harv, Harve, Harvy, Herve, Hervey, Harvee, Harvie], Harwood [Harewood], Peter [Piet, Pyotr, Piotr, Piero, Pierce, Pieter, Pietro, Pierre, ..], Warren [Ware, Waring, Warrin, Warriner]