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Asa - Jason

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Asa 1 .. Based on Hebrew word. "Doctor, healer." A name applicable for both boys and girls. Asa is a conventional (Top 93%) men's name, appearing regularly (Top 66%) as a surname according to the US Census. .. [Ase]

Jalen 2 Modern name, probably from Galen (Greek) "healer; tranquil" with a J-. Common as a given name. The form Jaylen is commonly used as a variation of Jalen. [Jaelan, Jaelin, Jaillen, Jalan, Jayelan, .. 11 more]

Jason 3 .. Based on Greek, Hebrew words. "Healer." Very popular choice for a given name (#75 in 2014), Jason is also found somewhat regularly as a surname. The forms Jayson and Jasen are prevalent as versions of this name. .. [Jace, Jaison, Jasin, Jayce, .. 8 more]

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[Asa - Jason]
Asa [Ase], Jalen [Jalin, Jalan, Jalon, Jailon, Jaylan, Jaylon, Jaylen, Jayelen, Jaylonn, Jayelan, ..], Jason [Jay, Jase, Jasin, Jasen, Jasun, Jayce, Jaisen, Jaison, Jaysen, Jayson, ..]