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Baby Names associated with Heaven for Boys

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Heaven names

Heaven baby names and what they mean, for heaven, sky, heavenly, godly.

Adoption of these boy names is at its highest presently (usage of 0.1534%), except for names like Aditya and Enoch which have become less in vogue. Orion (#383), Zain (#679), Elijah (#11) and Zion (#255) are four of the more fashionable baby names in this compilation, and there is a rekindling in baby name popularity for Elijah. Borek (top 13%) and Burak (16%) are conventional last names.

Here is the list of Heaven names for girls.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Heaven names: Aditya, Apollo, Delvin, Elijah, Enoch

Aditya 1 .. .. goddess of the sky and fertility. Not Top 1000 name.

Amaram 2 .. Source fr. Tamil word. "Heavenly." Uncommon. Compare Amaram and common Ama- surname Amaru (upper 71%). See also Amram.

Apollo 3 .. .. sun across the sky in a .. Apolau, Apolloau and Apollom are kreatif variations. [Apollon, .. 2 more]

Arcelio 4 .. Stems fr. Spanish, Latin. "Altar of heaven." Unique, with the masculine -lio ending for Arcelio, Aricelio like Aemilio. [Arcelius, .. 2 more]

Ava 5 .. From Akposso word. "Sky, heaven." Gender-neutral name. Unique, with the androgynous -va ending like Achava.

Borak 6 .. .. from earth to the seventh heaven. Borak is not in the Top 1000. See also Birk.

Castor 7 .. .. one of the heavenly twins immortalized .. Not in popularity charts. [Caster, .. 2 more]

Celesto 8 .. Source fr. Latin. "Heavenly." Celestino is popular as a variant form of Celesto. Associated in Catholic countries with Popes .. [Celestine, Celindo, Selestino, .. 3 more]

Celio 9 .. Derivative of Latin language. "Heaven." Not in Top 1000. See also Celso.

Celso 10 .. .. of words for sky, like "ciel" .. A boys' name which is not commonly used, Celso is found more frequently as a surname. [Celsius, Celsus]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Heaven names: Michael, Orion

Delvin 11 .. Root fr. Old English, Irish languages. "Godly friend; proud friend; bright friend." Somewhat infrequently used as a birth name, Delvin occurs more commonly as a last name. [Dalvwin, .. 8 more]

Elijah 12 .. .. carried up into Heaven in a .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Eli, Elia, Elihu, Eliyahu, Eljah, Elyott, Lige, .. 8 more]

Enoch 13 .. .. his visits to heaven as a .. Usage of Enoch as a birth name has fallen off since the 1880s. [Chanoch, .. 2 more]

Esbjorn 14 .. Based on Old Norse element. "Godly bear." Not Top 1000 names. Common in Scandinavia. [Asbjorn, .. 1 more]

Indra 15 .. .. god of the sky and air .. Not in popularity charts.

Jupiter 16 .. The sky god equivalent to the .. Jupiter and Juppiter are not in the Top 1000. [Juppiter]

Kalani 17 .. Stems fr. Hawaiian language. "The heavens, sky; royal one." Gender-neutral name. Not widely used as a baby name, Kalani is used more frequently as a surname.

Michael 18 .. .. captain of the heavenly host and .. Michael (top 1%), Mike (9%), Micheal (12%), Miguel (12%) and Mitchell (18%) are recognizable as first names. [Maik, Makai, Micha, Miche, Michelangelo, Mick, Miguel, Mihail, Mihaly, Mikel, .. 41 more]

Orion 19 .. .. conspicuous stars in the nighttime sky. Oryon is more unique as a variation of Orion. [Oryon]

Orpheus 20 .. .. led her upward to the sky .. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -us ending for Orpheus like Olympus. [Orfeo, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Heaven names (and variants) for boys.

Aditya - Orpheus
Aditya, Amaram, Apollo [Apolo, Apollon, Apollos], Arcelio [Arcelius, Aricelio, Aricelius], Ava, Borak, Castor [Kastor, Caster, Castorio], Celesto [Celindo, Celestino, Celestine, Selestine, Selestino, Silestino], Celio, Celso [Celsus, Celsius], Delvin [Dalwyn, Delwin, Delvon, Delwyn, Delavan, Delevan, Dellwin, Delwynn], Elijah [Ely, Lige, Eljah, Ellis, Elyot, Elliot, Elyott, Eliyahu, ..], Enoch [Enok, Enock, Chanoch], Esbjorn [Esbern, Asbjorn], Indra, Jupiter [Juppiter], Kalani, Michael [Myke, Mitch, Mykal, Mykel, Mykell, Mychal, Mychael, Mitchell, ..], Orion [Oryon], Orpheus [Orfeo, Orphie]

Pollux - Zion
Pollux, Rocio, Sion [Zion], Skye [Sky, Skie], Theon, Zain, Zion [Sion]