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Alaire - Hilary

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Alaire 1 .. The root is the same as "hilarious", though the meaning has changed slightly .. Not widely used as a birth name for boys. See also Claire. [Alair, Hilary, .. 4 more]

Hilary 2 .. From the same root as "hilarious" .. Name suitable for both genders. Hilary is intermittently used as a masculine name. The form Hilario is commonplace as a version of the name. [Helario, Hilar, Hilario, Hillary, Hilorio, .. 9 more]

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[Alaire - Hilary]
Alaire [Lary, Alair, Larie, Helier, Hilary, Hilarie], Hilary [Ilario, Hilario, Hilarie, Hillary, Hillery, Illario, Hilorio, Hilliary, Hilarion, Hilarius, ..]