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Holy names and what they mean, for holy, sacred, divine, exalted, heavenly, godly.

Adoption of these boy names reached its apex in 1990 (usage of 0.1002%) and has remained as widespread to this day (usage 0.0966%, down 3.6%), but with names like Jerome, Simeon, Santo, Lloyd and Elwyn falling out of style. The most fashionable boy names in this list are Zain (#679), Eli (#49), Ali (#333), Dante (#314) and Devin (#253), and there is also a revival in baby name popularity for Dante and Eli. Alu (top 33%) and Ili (80%) are popular surnames.

Here is the list of Holy names for girls.

Achiram - Devine

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Holy names: Ali, Anson, Candelario, Charles, Dante

Achiram 1 .. Based on Hebrew element. "My brother is exalted." Not in Top 1000.

Ali 2 .. Stems fr. Arabic element. "High, exalted." Aiali and Aliai are kreatif forms. Ali was the name of the .. [Alia]

Amaram 3 .. Origin fr. Tamil element. "Heavenly." Unusual. Amaram, like Aram, ends with -ram. See also Amiran.

Amrit 4 .. .. to be a divine drink which .. Not in popularity charts. See also Amit.

Anson 5 .. .. Ann or son of the divine .. Popular, with the -son suffix for Anson, Ansson, etc. like Addison. [Annson, Ansson, .. 1 more]

Archard 6 .. Based on Anglo German. "Holy, powerful." Uncommon, with the masculine -ard suffix for Archard like Aliard. [Archerd]

Calum 7 .. .. purity, peace, and the Holy Spirit .. Listed in Top 1000. [Callum, .. 2 more]

Candelario 8 .. .. the day the Holy Family took .. Unusual, with the -io suffix for Candelario, Candelerio like Clovio. [Candelareo, Candelaro, Candelerio, .. 1 more]

Castor 9 .. .. one of the heavenly twins immortalized .. Unique, with the -or ending for Castor, Kastor like Cristofor. [Caster, Castorio, Kastor]

Celesto 10 .. Derived fr. Latin. "Heavenly." Not in Top 1000. Associated in Catholic countries with Popes .. [Celestine, Celestino, .. 4 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Holy names: Delvin, Devin

Chairo 11 .. Root fr. Spanish, Greek elements. "Sacred name." Unusual, with the masculine-sounding -iro ending for Chairo, Chiro, etc. like Cairo. A variant of Jerome, via Hieronimo. [Chiro, .. 2 more]

Charles 12 .. .. The first Holy Roman Emperor seventh .. Listed in Top 1000. [Carel, Carlo, Carlos, Chuck, Karl, .. 22 more]

Conway 13 .. Origin fr. Welsh, Irish, Gaelic languages. "Holy river; hound of the plain." Not Top 1000 names. Place name and surname .. [Conwy]

Dante 14 .. .. time, wrote "The Divine Comedy", notable .. Listed in Top 1000. [Dantae, Dantel, Daunte, .. 4 more]

Delius 15 .. .. island that was sacred to the .. Rare, with the -ius suffix for Delius like Dantavius. [Deli, .. 2 more]

Delvin 16 .. Source fr. Old English, Irish languages. "Godly friend; proud friend; bright friend." Not in popularity charts. [Dalvwin, Delwin, .. 7 more]

Deodar 17 .. Origin fr. Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Divine wood." Not in Top 1000. The name of a tall species ..

Deval 18 .. Derivative of Hindi element. "Divine." Not in Top 1000. The Sanskrit root "deva" means "god". [Deven]

Devin 19 .. .. the French "divin", meaning "divine, perfect". Popular. Devin, like Dervin, has the -vin ending. [Dev, Devynn, .. 3 more]

Devine 20 .. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic, Old French elements. "divine." Not in popularity charts. See also Devinn.

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Summary of Holy names (and variants) for boys.

Achiram - Devine
Achiram, Ali [Alia], Amaram, Amrit, Anson [Annson, Ansson, Hanson], Archard [Archerd], Calum [Colm, Colum, Callum], Candelario [Candelaro, Candelero, Candelareo, Candelerio], Castor [Kastor, Caster, Castorio], Celesto [Celindo, Celestino, Celestine, Selestine, Selestino, Silestino], Chairo [Hiro, Chiro, Hairo], Charles [Karl, Karol, Karel, Karoly, Karolek, Karolik, ..], Conway [Conwy], Dante [Donte, Dantay, Dantel, Dontae, Dontay, Daunte], Delius [Deli, Delos, Delios], Delvin [Delvon, Delwin, Delwyn, Delevan, Dellwin, Delwynn, ..], Deodar, Deval [Deven], Devin [Dev, Devon, Devyn, Devinn, Devynn], Devine

Eilwyn - Michael
Eilwyn, Eirwyn, Eli [Ely, Elie, Eloi, Eloy, Heli], Elwyn [Elwin, Elwynn], Esbjorn [Esbern, Asbjorn], Eskel [Eskil, Askel, Askell], Frey, Galahad [Galath], Geronimo [Heronimo, Jeronimo, Herinomos, Jeronimus, Hieronimo, Hieronymus], Gwyn [Wyn, Gwin, Guinn, Gwynn, Gwinn, Gwynedd], Hakon [Hako, Hacon, Hagan, Hagen, Hakan, Haakon, ..], Halley, Halliwell [Hallowell, Hallewell, Helliwell], Harun [Haron, Haroun], Hieronymos [Hierome, Hieronim, Hieronimos, Hieronymus], Holiday [Holliday], Jerome [Jerry, Jeromo, Jerron, Jerrome, Jerrone, Jeronimo, ..], Joram [Jorim], Lloyd [Loyd, Floyd], Michael [Myke, Mykel, Mykal, Mykell, Mychal, Mychael, ..]

Nevin - Zimran
Nevin [Nev, Nevan, Neven, Niven, Nevon, Nevins], Oleg, Palmer [Palmar, Pallmer, Palmerston], Percival [Percy, Percey, Purcell, Perceval, Percivall, Percevall, ..], Pollux, Remedio, Saint, Sami, Sancho [Sanche, Sancos, Sanzio, Sanctio, Sauncho], Santo [Sante], Simeon [Sima, Shimon, Simyon], Socorro, Svatomir, Temple [Templar, Templer], Theon, Tibor, Zain, Zelig [Zelik, Selig, Zeligman], Zimran