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Holy Names

Page 1/2. 22 Holy names and what they mean, for holy for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Holy names for girls.

Archard .. (Anglo German) "Holy, powerful."

Calum .. This was popular among early Christians because the dove was a symbol of gentleness, purity, peace, and the Holy Spirit ..
[Callum, Colm, Colum]

Candelario .. The feast marks the day the Holy Family took the baby Jesus to be presented at the temple ..
[Candelareo, Candelaro, Candelerio, Candelero]

Charles .. The first Holy Roman Emperor (seventh to eighth century) Charlemagne (Latin Carolus Magnus, meaning "Charles the Great") was a powerful German leader who created a more ordered society out of the chaos that followed the fall of Rome ..
[Carel, Carl, Carlo, Carlos, Carrol, .. 22 more]

Conway .. (Welsh, Irish, Gaelic) "Holy river." ..

Eilwyn .. Possibly from ael "brow" or ail "just like", combined with (g)wen or (g)wyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy".

Eirwyn .. From eira meaning "snow", and (g)wen or (g)wyn meaning "white, fair, blessed, holy".

Eli .. A holy name that was popular among Puritans in the 17th century ..
[Elie, Eloi, Eloy, Ely, Heli]

Elwyn .. (Gaelic, Welsh) "White, fair, blessed, holy." ..
[Elwin, Elwynn]

Gwyn .. (Welsh) "Fair, white blessed, holy." ..
[Guinn, Gwin, Gwinn, Gwynn, Gwynedd, .. 1 more]

Halley .. (Old English) "Holy." ..

Halliwell .. (Old English) "Holy well." ..
[Hallewell, Hallowell, Helliwell, .. 1 more]

Holiday .. (Old English) "Holy day."

Nevin .. (Latin) "Holy, sacred." ..
[Nev, Nevan, Neven, Nevins, Nevon, .. 1 more]

Oleg .. (Russian) "Holy." ..

Palmer .. Surname which refers to the palm branch carried by a Christian pilgrim while traveling to a holy shrine.
[Pallmer, Palmar, Palmerston]

Percival .. His virtue was so great that he alone could retrieve the elusive Holy Grail, the chalice from Christ's Last Supper ..
[Parsafal, Parsefal, Parsifal, Perce, Perceval, .. 5 more]

Saint .. (Latin) "Holy." ..

Santo .. (Italian, Spanish) "Holy." ..

Simeon .. Biblical: the second-born of Jacob's 12 sons, Simeon was a holy old man who was promised that he would see the Messiah before he died ..
[Shimon, Sima, Simyon]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Holy names: Candelario, Charles, Eli, Elwyn, Palmer, Percival, Santo, Simeon

Charles, Eli, Palmer and Santo are commonly used names, while Archard, Calum, Candelario, Conway, Eilwyn, Eirwyn, Elwyn, Gwyn, Halley, Halliwell, Holiday, Nevin, Oleg, Percival, Saint and Simeon are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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