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Finn - Sherwood

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Finn 1 .. .. somewhat like the English Robin Hood .. Fin and variants are rarely found as men's names. [Fin, Fionn, Fynn]

Robin 2 .. .. the medieval days of Robin Hood .. Popular as last names. Compare Robin (upper 4%), Robyn (43%), etc. with popular surnames Robine (upper 54%), Rowin (32%), which also begin with Ro-. [Roban, .. 4 more]

Sherwood 3 .. .. legendary hero Robin Hood and his .. Unique. Sherwood, Shurwood, like Upwood, Greenwood, end with the favored masculine -wood. [Sherwoode, Shurwood]

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[Finn - Sherwood]
Finn [Fin, Fynn, Fionn], Robin [Robyn, Roban, Robben, Robbin, Robbyn], Sherwood [Shurwood, Sherwoode]