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Horse names and what they mean, for horse for men. Here is the list of Horse names for girls. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in 1980-1989 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Terrell, Tyrell, Felipe and Philip becoming less fashionable. Colt (#339) is the most fashionable baby name in this list, with this name enjoying a rebound in usage.

Ahearn - Bronco

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Ahearn 1 .. Based on Celtic word. "Horse-lord." Atypical as a name for babies, Ahearn occurs more often as a last name. See also Ahran. [Ahearne, Aherin, Aherne, Hearne, Hern, .. 3 more]

Arion 2 .. Mythology: the name of the magic horse born to Poseidon and Demeter .. An unusual given name for baby boys. See also Armon. [Arian, Aryon, .. 1 more]

Bayard 3 .. In French medieval legend, Bayard (or Baiardo, or Bajardo) is a magical horse given to the hero Rinaldo .. Atypical as a birth name, Bayard exists more often as a last name. See also Byrd. [Baiardo, Bajardo, Baylen, .. 1 more]

Borak 4 .. According to legend, Al Borak was the name of the magical horse that bore Muhammad from earth to the seventh heaven. An unusual birth name. See also Birk.

Bronco 5 .. Based on Mexican, Spanish. "Rough, unbroken horse." Atypical as a given name. See also Branko. A bronco is a horse that bucks off its rider. [Bronko]

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[Ahearn - Bronco]
Ahearn [Hern, Hearn, Herin, Hearne, ..], Arion [Arian, Arien, Aryon], Bayard [Bay, Baylen, Baiardo, Bajardo], Borak, Bronco [Bronko]

[Calumet - Fiachra]
Calumet [Callumet], Cloy [Cloyd, Cloyce], Colt [Colter, Coulter, Coltrane], Currier [Curry, Currie], Dag [Daeg, Dagny, Dagget, Daggett], Derby [Derbey, Derbie], Eachann [Eachan, Eachtar], Eligius [Loy, Eloi, Eloy, Eligiusz, ..], Felipe [Pip, Flip, Lippo, Pippo, ..], Fiachra [Fiacre]

[Finbar - Terrell]
Finbar [Fionn, Fionbharr, Fionnbarr, Fionnbharr, ..], Garron [Geron, Garran, Garrin, Garren, ..], Hippolyte [Ippolito, Hippolitos, Hyppolytos, Hippolytus], Horsley [Horsly, Horslea, Horslie, Horsleigh], Marshall [Marsh, Marshal, Marschal, Marshell, ..], Nashua, Philip [Pip, Pippo, Pilipo, Phyllip, ..], Sorrell [Sorel, Sorrel], Stoddard [Stoddart], Terrell [Tyrell, Terryll, Tirrell, Tyrrell, ..]

[Tyrell - Tyrell]
Tyrell [Tyrel, Tyrrel, Tyrrell, Tyrelle, ..]