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Horse Names

Page 1 of 2. 26 Horse names related to or that mean horse for boys, listing Horse baby names 1-20. Felipe and Marshall are popular names. Ahearn, Arion, Bayard, Borak, Bronco, Calumet, Cloy, Colt, Currier, Dag, Derby, Eachann, Eligius, Fiachra, Finbar, Garron, Hippolyte and Horsley are uncommon names. View Horse baby names below for name meanings or search Horse names for girls.

Ahearn ... "Horse-lord."
[Ahearne, Aherin, Ahern, Aherne, Hearn, ... 3 more]

Arion ... Mythology: the name of the magic horse born to Poseidon and Demeter ...
[Arian, Arien, Aryon]

Bayard ... Bayard (or Baiardo, or Bajardo) is a magical horse given to the hero Rinaldo ... The horse was a bright bay color ...
[Baiardo, Bajardo, Bay, Baylen]

Borak ... Al Borak was the name of the magical horse that bore Muhammad from earth to the seventh heaven.

Bronco ... "Rough, unbroken horse." A bronco is a horse that bucks off its rider.

Calumet ... Calumet Farms was a famous horse-racing stable in the 20th century.

Cloy May be derived from "nail" (Old French) as an occupational name having to do with the nails in horse shoes.
[Cloyce, Cloyd]

Colt ... "Young horse; frisky." ...
[Colter, Coltrane, Coulter]

Currier ... "Groom, one who curries a horse." ...
[Currie, Curry]

Dag ... Mythology: the son of Night who brought the daylight as he rode his horse around the earth. U.N ...
[Daeg, Dagget, Daggett, Dagny]

Derby ... and America's most famous horse ...
[Derbey, Derbie]

Eachann ... "Horse brown." ...
[Eachan, Eachtar]

Eligius ... and those who care for horses ...
[Eligia, Eligio, Eligiusz, Eloi, Eloy, ... 1 more]

Felipe ... "Lover of horse." ...
[Felippe, Filip, Filippo, Fillip, Flip, ... 3 more]

Fiachra ... a type of horse-drawn cab.

Finbar ... One tale tells of Saint Finbar crossing the Irish Sea on horse-back ...
[Bairre, Barr, Barra, Barry, Finbarr, ... 6 more]

Garron ... A garron or garran is a type of horse ...
[Garan, Garen, Garin, Garion, Garon, ... 4 more]

Hippolyte ... "Stampeding horse." ...
[Hippolit, Hippolitos, Hippolytus, Hyppolytos, Ippolito]

Horsley ... "Horse meadow." ...
[Horslea, Horsleigh, Horslie, Horsly]

Marshall ... "Caretaker of horse." ...
[Marchall, Marischal, Marischall, Marschal, Marsh, ... 2 more]

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