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Calumet - Comanche

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Calumet 1 .. Term that the French in Canada used for the Indian peace pipe, a highly ornamental pipe smoked on ceremonial occasions .. A scarce given name. [Callumet]

Cherokee 2 .. "People of a different speech." Seldom used as a boys' name. The name of one of the largest Native American tribes, used as a given name ..

Cheyenne 3 .. "Unintelligible speakers." A moderately uncommon baby name. Unisex name. Native American tribe indigenous to Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Montana .. [Chayan, Chayann, .. 2 more]

Cochise 4 .. The name of a renowned warrior, chief of the Chiricahua Apache. A scarce name for babies.

Comanche 5 .. Name of a Native American tribe .. Seldom used as a name for newborns.

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[Calumet - Comanche]
Calumet [Callumet], Cherokee, Cheyenne [Shayan, Shayanne, ..], Cochise, Comanche

[Dakota - Mohegan]
Dakota [Dekohta, Dekowta, ..], Gautam [Gotama], Mackinley [Mckinlay, Mckinley], Mandan, Mankato, Martin [Martyn, Morten, ..], Mohandas, Mohave [Mojave], Mohawk, Mohegan [Mahican, Mohican]

[Osage - Seneca]
Osage, Pawnee, Powhatan, Quanah, Rainer [Reiner, Raynier, ..], Rajan [Raja, Rajah], Rajiv, Sassacus, Seminole, Seneca

[Shashi - Uncas]
Shashi, Shawnee [Shawney, Shawnie], Shayan, Shoshone [Shoshoni], Tadi, Tahoe, Tahoma [Tekoma, Tocoma], Tammany, Ukiah, Uncas

[Wapiti - Zuni]
Wapiti, Waunakee, Wyandanch, Yaholo, Yancy [Yancey, Yantsey], Zipkiyah, Zuni