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Individual Names for boys

2 Individual names and what they mean, for individual for baby boys, listing 1-2. Here is the list of Individual names for girls.

Chantrey .. A chantry, in the Middle Ages, was an endowment of funds to support the singing (chanting) of masses for an individual's soul.

Emerson .. Ralph Waldo Emerson, known as the "sage of Concord", was a poet and philosopher who wrote about individual freedom which influenced American values ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Individual names: Emerson

Emerson is a commonly used name, while Chantrey is rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: cat, character, distinguished, express, extraordinary, material, organization, personality, point, private, simple, soul, symbolic, whole.

Felix .. Linked in America with cartoon character Felix the Cat (Latin feles, felis), and Felix Unger from "The Odd Couple" ..
[Fee, Felic, Felice, Feliciano, Felicio, .. 7 more]

Adlai .. Biblical name borne by a very minor character, the father of one of King David's herdsmen ..
[Ad, Addie, Addy, Adley, Atlee, .. 1 more]

Duff .. From the Gaelic "dubh", meaning "dark" as a personal characteristic.
[Duffey, Duffie, Duffy]

Lemuel .. Biblical: a king mentioned in Proverbs 31 who was given a detailed description of the value and capabilities of a good wife ..
[Lem, Lemmie]

Ashraf .. (Arabic) "More distinguished."

Donald .. Linked nowadays to the cartoon duck created by Disney ..

Farid .. (Arabic) "Exceptional, unique."

Hampton .. Hampton Beach, Virginia is the oldest English settlement in continuous existence in America, and Hampton Roads is the channel to one of the great natural harbors ..

Casey .. Made famous by the song about the engineer of the Cannonball Express train, Casey Jones ..
[Cace, Cacey, Case, Cayce, Caycey, .. 1 more]

Cyrano .. His talents and his extraordinary nose provided the inspiration for Rostand's popular play "Cyrano de Bergerac" (1897) ..

Comhghall .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Fellow hostage." ..

Guido .. Variant of Guy.

Tex Modern name of the Lone Star state which has a rakish aura due to association with cowboys and the Wild West.

Mandan .. Name of a tribe native to the upper Missouri River which had developed high levels of material culture, but were almost wiped out due to smallpox in 1837 ..

Chaplin .. A chaplain was usually a minor ecclesiastical position, and has come to mean something like the spiritual guide of a secular organization, like a hospital chaplain ..
[Chaplain, Chaplinn, Chappelin]

Brighton .. Parents may use the name to indicate the hope of a child having bright personality and intellect.

Achilles .. She held him, however, by the heel, which was thus his one weak point: hence "Achilles' heel" ..
[Achill, Achille, Achillea, Achilleo, Achilleus, .. 10 more]

Athol .. The Duke of Atholl, in Scotland, is the only citizen of the United Kingdom entitled to maintain his own private army.


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