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Intelligent names

Intelligent baby names and what they mean, for intelligent, brilliant, clever, intellect, guru, crafty, intelligence.

Adoption of these boy names reached its most widespread during the years 1890-1899 (usage of 0.1811%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.0615%, 66%), with names like Dale, Ralph, Todd, Ulysses and Washington falling out of style. Leonardo (#114) and Quinn (#363) are two of the more contemporarily stylish birth names in this list. Bloise (top 27%) and Cassiday (26%) are popular surnames.

Here is the list of Intelligent names for girls.

pinAbner - Haskel

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Intelligent names: Abner, Akeem, Blaise, Cassidy, Dale

Abner 1 .. .. a valiant warrior and clever strategist .. Not in popularity charts. [Ab, Abbey, Abbie, Abna, Avner, Ebbie, .. 8 more]

Akeem 2 .. Based on Arabic language. "Intelligent." Popular, and Akeem, Ahkeem are comparable to common -eem surname Skeem (top 79%). Variant of Hakeem .. [Ahkeem, .. 2 more]

Archimedes 3 .. .. name of a brilliant Greek mathematician .. Amchimedes, Anchimedes and Archimedessha are kreatif forms. [Arkimedes, .. 1 more]

Blaise 4 .. .. Pascal was a brilliant 17th century .. Prevalent, with the -se ending for Blaise, Blase like Bryse. [Blais, Blaize, Blase, Blayze, .. 2 more]

Bravo 5 .. .. that accompanies a brilliant performance, traditionally .. Only sporadically used as a children's name, Bravo exists more conventionally as a last name. [Brahvo, Bravvo]

Brighton 6 .. .. child having bright personality and intellect. Not in popularity charts. See also Broughton.

Cassidy 7 .. Origin fr. Irish, Welsh, Gaelic languages. "Ingenious, clever." Somewhat rarely used as a boys' name, Cassidy exists more often as a last name. [Cass, .. 3 more]

Cuthbert 8 .. Derived fr. Old English. "Bright, brilliant, famous." Not consistently used as a birth name, Cuthbert occurs more frequently as a surname. Name of two English saints in .. [Cuddy]

Dale 9 .. .. success guru Dale Carnegie. Usage of Dale as a children's name has trended downward since 1950-1959. [Dael, Dalen, .. 6 more]

Egbert 10 .. Based on Old English language. "Brilliant sword." Ecbert, Eckbert and Egbert are barely found as male names, and Egbert is found frequently (top 4%) as a last name. From ecg meaning edge of a .. [Ecbert, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Intelligent names: Egbert, Fitzhugh, Hakeem

Fahim 11 .. Based on Arabic element. "Intelligent." Fahim (upper 34%), Fahmi (75%) and Faheem (76%) appear frequently as last names. [Faheem, .. 1 more]

Fitzhugh 12 .. Derived fr. Old French, Old German languages. "Son of intelligence." Fitzhugh is a rare male name, occurring commonly (top 6%) as a last name. American painter Fitzhugh Lane.

Fulgentius 13 .. Derived fr. Latin element. "Brilliant, shining." Not in popularity charts. Name of an African bishop and .. [Fulgencio]

Gentian 14 .. Gentians are brilliant blue, with fringed .. Unique. Jentian, var. (cf. Gian) has the unusual -ian suffix. [Genshian, Jenshian, .. 1 more]

Gobind 15 .. .. Guru Gobind Singh was a prominent .. Govinda and variants were not Top birth names in 2014. [Gobinda, .. 2 more]

Gurdeep 16 .. From gur "guru", and deep, dip. Not Top 1000 name.

Gurinder 17 .. Source fr. element. "Guru, teacher." Gurinder and Gurvinder are unique as baby names. [Gurvinder]

Hakeem 18 .. From Arabic word. "Wise, intelligent." Hakim is more uncommon as a variant form of Hakeem. In Islam, one the ninety nine .. [Hakim]

Haley 19 .. Root fr. Old English, Irish, Gaelic. "Ingenious, clever." Not in popularity charts. Place name .. [Hailey, .. 6 more]

Haskel 20 .. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Intellect." Haskel and Haskell are uncommon as men's names. Cinematographer Haskell Wexler. [Haskell]

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Summary of Intelligent names (and variants) for boys.

Abner - Haskel
Abner [Eb, Ebby, Avner, Abnor, Ebbie, Ebner, ..], Akeem [Akim, Akhim, Ahkeem], Archimedes [Arkimedes, Arquimedes], Blaise [Blais, Blaze, Blase, Blaize, Blayze, Blaisdell], Bravo [Brahvo, Bravvo], Brighton, Cassidy [Cass, Cassady, Cassedy, Cassidey], Cuthbert [Cuddy], Dale [Dalen, Daley, Dalle, Dayle, Dallin, Dallan, ..], Egbert [Ecbert, Eckbert], Fahim [Fahmi, Faheem], Fitzhugh, Fulgentius [Fulgencio], Gentian [Jentian, Genshian, Jenshian], Gobind [Govind, Gobinda, Govinda], Gurdeep, Gurinder [Gurvinder], Hakeem [Hakim], Haley [Haily, Halley, Hallie, Hayley, Haleigh, Hayleigh], Haskel [Haskell]

Heller - Uberto
Heller, Hewett [Hewet, Hewie, Hewitt, Hewlett, Hewlitt], Hobart [Hobie, Hobey, Hobard, Hobert, Hoebart], Hubert [Hube, Hubie, Uberto, Huberto, Ulberto, Humberto, ..], Hugh [Ugo, Huw, Hugo, Hughes, Hugues, Hughie, ..], Jack [Jak, Jaq, Jacq, Jacky, Jacko, Jacqin, ..], Kenji [Kenjiro], Lambert [Bert, Lambart, Lambirt, Lamberto, Landbert], Leonardo, Parmenio [Parmenios, Parmenius], Quinn [Quin, Quinlan, Quinnell], Rafe [Rafer], Ralph [Raff, Ralf, Raul, Rolf, Rolph, Raoul], Shanahan, Suman, Tab [Tabb, Taber, Tabor], Tamerlane [Tamurlayn, Tamberlane, Tamburlane, Tamurlaine, Tamberlaine, Tamburlaine, ..], Todd [Tod], Toshiro, Uberto

Ugo - Wylie
Ugo, Ulysses [Ulises, Ulisse], Washington, Wiley [Wylie, Willey], Wylie [Wye, Wiley]