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Invented Names for boys

Page 1/3. 19 Invented names and what they mean, for invented for males.

Blaise .. He invented the calculating machine and hydraulic press before he died at age 39 ..
[Blais, Blaisdell, Blaize, Blase, Blayze, .. 1 more]

Bryland .. Invented name: combination of Bryan with Ryland.

Cedric .. The name was invented by Sir Walter Scott for the character Cedric of Rotherwood in the book "Ivanhoe" (1819) ..
[Caddaric, Ced, Cedrick, Cedrik, Cedro, .. 6 more]

Coby Possibly a diminutive of Coburn, or an invented name ..
[Cobey, Cobie, Kobe, Kobey, Kobie, .. 1 more]

Danar Invented name, taken from "Star Trek" ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Invented names: Blaise, Cedric, Coby

Cedric is a commonly used name, while Blaise, Bryland, Coby and Danar are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for boys

[Blaise - Danar]
Blaise [6], Bryland, Cedric [11], Coby [6], Danar

[Daquan - Percival]
Daquan [6], Darian [5], Darold [3], Dewey [2], Draven, Epaminondas, Jaden [9], Nebo, Orville [5], Percival [10]

[Rip - Windsor]
Rip, Tannon [5], Villard, Windsor [2]


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