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Island Names

Page 1/3. 56 Island names and what they mean, for island, isle for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Island names for girls.

Adney .. (Old English) "The noble's island." ..

Arran .. The Isle of Arran is off the Atlantic coast ..
[Arren, Arrin, Arron]

Bainbridge .. Also a place name for an island in Washington state, across Puget Sound from Seattle.
[Bain, Banebridge, Baynbridge, Bayne, Baynebridge]

Birkey .. (Middle English) "Island of birch trees." ..
[Birkee, Birkie, Birky]

Birney .. (Old English) "Island with the brook." ..
[Birnie, Birny, Burney, Burnie]

Blakeney .. (Old English) "Dark island; White island." ..
[Blakenie, Blakeny]

Boyd .. Possibly a place name for the Scottish Isle of Bute, known in Gaelic as "Bod" ..

Burney .. (Old English) "Island of the brook." ..
[Beirney, Beirnie, Burnie]

Cadfan .. Saint Cadfan from Brittany founded a monastery on Bardsey Island in the fifth century ..

Cairn .. Cairns were built as far back as the Stone Age, and many of these ancient cairns can be seen in the British Isles.
[Cairne, Cairns, Kairn, Kairne, Kairns]

Calum .. Saint Columba was an influential sixth-century Irish missionary who founded a monastery on the Scottish island of Iona ..
[Callum, Colm, Colum]

Conan .. Saint Conan (seventh century) was an Irish missionary on the Isle of Man ..
[Con, Conant, Conn, Connie]

Cuba Place name: the largest island in the West Indies, since 1959 a Communist country under the control of Fidel Castro ..

Cyd .. (Old English) "Wide island." ..

Cydney .. (Old English) "Wide island." ..

Delius .. Delos is a tiny Greek island that was sacred to the ancient Greeks, who believed that Apollo and Artemis had been born there.
[Deli, Delios, Delos]

Easton .. Also possibly from an Old English phrase meaning "island of stones", or from the Old English names Aefric meaning "magical power", or Athelric meaning "noble power".

Eaton .. (Old English) "Island settlement." ..
[Eatton, Eton, Eyton]

Efisio .. The name occurs mostly on the island of Sardinia, where Italian is the main language.

Ennis .. (Gaelic) "Island." .. The name of a town, built on an island, in County Clare.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Island names: Boyd, Easton, Ennis

Boyd is a commonly used name, while Adney, Arran, Bainbridge, Birkey, Birney, Blakeney, Burney, Cadfan, Cairn, Calum, Conan, Cuba, Cyd, Cydney, Delius, Easton, Eaton, Efisio and Ennis are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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