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Island names and what they mean, for island, isle for men. Here is the list of Island names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its apex during the years 1910-1919 (usage of 0.0692%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0214%, down 69%), but with names like Rodney, Sydney, Whitney, Lyle and Lindsay falling out of fashion. Easton (#83) is the most chic birth name among these.

Adney - Birney

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Adney 1 .. Derivative of Old English. "The noble's island." Not in Top 1000. See also Adnet. Place name.

Arran 2 .. The Isle of Arran is off .. Popular. Compare Arran with common last names Thran (top 42%), Guran (89%), which also end with -ran. [Arren, .. 2 more]

Bainbridge 3 .. .. name for an island in Washington .. Not in Top 1000. [Bain, .. 4 more]

Birkey 4 .. Based on Middle English element. "Island of birch trees." Not in Top 1000. Place name. [Birkee, Birkie, Birky]

Birney 5 .. Derivative of Old English language. "Island with the brook." Scarce as baby names, but Birney, Birny, etc. sound like the more popular Barney. Place name. [Birnie, .. 3 more]

Popularity of Island baby names

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Summary of all Island names (and variants) for boys.

[Adney - Birney]
Adney, Arran [Arren, Arrin, Arron], Bainbridge [Bayne, Banebridge, Baynbridge, Baynebridge], Birkey [Birky, Birkee, Birkie], Birney [Birny, Birnie, Burney, Burnie]

[Blakeney - Halsey]
Blakeney [Blakeny, Blakenie], Boyd [Boid], Burney [Burnie, Beirney, Beirnie], Cadfan, Cairn [Kairn, Cairns, Kairne, Kairns], Calum [Colm, Colum, Callum], Conan [Con, Conn, Connie, Conant], Cuba, Cyd, Cydney, Delius [Deli, Delos, Delios], Easton, Eaton [Eton, Eyton, Eatton], Efisio, Ennis [Enis], Ernan [Ernin, Eirnin], Finbar [Fionn, Fionbharr, Fionnbarr, Fionnbharr, ..], Gardner [Gardie, Gardnar, Gardnard, Gardiner, ..], Gorham, Halsey [Halsy, Hallsy, Hallsey]

[Herbert - Pitney]
Herbert [Herb, Herbie, Heribert, Heriberto, ..], Hockney [Hockny], Holmes, Hume [Hulme], Innes [Ines, Innis, Inniss, Inness], Ion [Eion], Itamar [Ithamar, Ittamar], Javan [Jayvon, Jayven, Jayvern], Kauai [Kawai], Kelsey [Kelsy, Kelsie], Kit [Kitt], Kodiak, Largo, Lindsay [Linzy, Lyndsay, Lyndsey, Lyndsie, ..], Lisle [Lyle, Lyall, Lyell, Lysle], Lyle [Lisle, Lyall, Lyell, Lysle], Mackinac, Neckarios [Nektario, Nectarios, Nectarius, Nektarius], Newport, Pitney [Pittney]

[Ramsay - Wyandanch]
Ramsay [Ramzi, Ramsey, Ramzey], Rhodes [Rodas, Rhoads, Rhodas], Rodney [Rodnee, Rodnie], Sicily [Sicilly], Skerry, Skye [Sky, Skie], Stepney [Stepny], Sutherland [Southerland], Sydney, Thurston [Torston, Torsten, Thurstan, Thursten, ..], Whitney, Wyandanch