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Israel Names

Israel names

5 Israel baby names and what they mean, for israel, jewish, jerusalem.

Usage of these boy names was at its apex in 2001 and has become significantly lower since, with names like Jaron going out of style.

Here is the list of Israeli names for girls.

Doron - Ronel

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Israel names: Israel, Jaron

Stems fr. Israeli, Hebrew words. "Dweller; gift." Doren is also a moderately popular kid's name. [Doran, Doroni]

.. his name to Israel as a .. Israel (top 2%), Yisrael (45%), comparable to Ittel (top 80%), Isbel (47%), are common -el suffix surnames. [Yisrael]

Based on Israeli language. "Cry of rejoicing." Used widely as children's names, Jaren, Jaron, etc. are similar to the conventional Jalen. Some of the many contemporary names .. [Jaran, Jaren, Jaryn, Jeran, Jerren, Jerron, .. 8 more]

Derived fr. Israeli element. "Leopard." Unusual as a birth name, but Namir is similar to the more conventional Nasir. See also Nahir.

Derivative of Israeli. "Song of God." Scarce. Ronel, Ronell and Ronnell are not listed in the US Census. [Ronell, Ronnell]

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Index of all Israel names [and variants] for boys.

1. Doron - Ronel
Doron [Doran, Doroni], Israel [Yisrael], Jaron [Jaryn, Jeran, Jeren, Jarrin, Jarron, Jerrin, Jerren, Jerron, ..], Namir, Ronel [Ronell, Ronnell]