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Italian baby names and what they mean, for italian, italy, with 80 results. These boy names are at the peak of their popularity presently (USAGE OF 0.91%), except for names such as Guido which have become less trendy. The most fashionable baby names among these are Carmelo (#707), Emiliano (#231), Leonardo (#103), Lorenzo (#216) and Romeo (#377), while Romei (TOP 71%) and Lorenzi (16%) are familiar last names. Here is the list of Italian names for girls.

Italian names

Agnolo - Cajetan | Calogero - Gennaro | Geremia - Onofrio | Orazio - Yovanny

Agnolo - Cajetan

"Angel." Unconventional, but Agnolo is comparable to popular -lo last names Avello (TOP 42%), Augello (18%). More common in America in the ..

"Old one, elder." Aldis, Aldus and Alldo are more rarefied as forms of Aldo. An Italian and Spanish variant of ..

"White." Alfeo (UPPER 99%), Alfi (94%) are conventional last names. See also Alfy.

"Work ruler; home ruler." Amerigo and Americo are popular as variations. Italian form of the Germanic name ..

"Stubborn, resistant." Aioco and Artioco are creative variations.

Variant of Anthony .. Used frequently as a children's name, Antonio is similar to the common Antony. See also Antonije.

.. As an Italian name, Ardian is .. A rare baby name. See also Ardon.

"Valuable friend." Unique, with the -ino ending, like Aluino, Arsino.

Variant of Arnold. Outside Top 2000. See also Arnau.

"Home ruler." Arrigo is a scarcely used male name, registering frequently (top 11%) as a last name. See also Arrick. Variant of Amerigo (Old German).

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Italian names: Aldo, Amerigo, Antonio, Biagio

"Baptizer." Battista and variants are seldom adopted as birth names. Related to John the Baptist ..

"The one with the beautiful armor." Not in Top 2000.

"Beautiful to see." Belvider and variants are seldom found as men's names, and Belvedere is found often (upper 33%) as a surname. Name of a gallery in the ..

Benvenuto1, var. Bienvenido1
"Welcome." Not in popularity charts. In Italy, often refers to the ..

"Stutterer." Biagio and Biaggio are unique as given names. Related to Blaise.

Bienvenido2, var. Benvenuto2
"Welcome." Not that common as a boys' name.

"Amiable." A rare children's name, Blandino is used more often as a surname. See also Blandon.

Bohemond, Prince of Antioch (11th century) .. Not in Top 2000.

"Excellent, courageous." Brave is a somewhat popular kid's name. The exclamation that accompanies a brilliant ..

"From Gaeta." Not that popular as a birth name. English form of Gaetano.