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Jared - Jordan

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Jared 1 .. Related to Jordan .. Popular as last names. Compare Jared (top 10%), var. and popular last names Yared (top 49%), Fareed (40%), which also end with -ed. [Jarad, Jarrad, Jarrard, Jarred, Jarrid, Jerad, Jerrad, Jerrod, .. 7 more]

Jerrod 2 .. Variant of Garrett. Jared (+9) is a contemporarily stylish version. [Jared, Jerad, .. 5 more]

Jordan 3 .. Name of the major river in .. A very conventional children's name (#55 the past year), Jordan also exists frequently as a surname. [Giordano, Jarod, Jerad, Jerred, Jerrod, Jerrott, Jordao, Jordon, Jordyn, Jud, .. 18 more]

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[Jared - Jordan]
Jared [Jerad, Jaryd, Jered, Jerod, Jarrod, Jerred, Jerrad, Jerrod, ..], Jerrod [Jared, Jerad, Jerod, Jerred, Jarrod, Jerrad, Jerryd], Jordan [Jud, Jori, Jory, Judd, Jordyn, Jourdan, Jourdain, Jourdaine, ..]