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Jody - Joseph

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Jody 1 .. Nickname for Joseph (Hebrew) "Jehovah increases" and Jude .. The name Jody has been on a downward trend in favor as a name for boys over the years since 1970. A name used for both sexes. [Jodey, Jodi, .. 1 more]

Joseph 2 .. Biblical: the son of Jacob who, sold by his brothers into slavery, but later became a supreme power in Egypt .. Jody has faded in popularity as a given name for boys over the years since 1970-1979. The forms Josue, Jose and Jodie are prevalent as versions of Joseph. [Che, Giuseppe, Iosef, Iosif, .. , Jodi, .. 38 more]

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[Jody - Joseph]
Jody [Jodi, Jodey, Jodie], Joseph [Sepp, Pipo, Pino, Seppi, Yusif, Yusup, Yusuf, Yussuf, Yuszef, Yousef, ..]