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Jungle Names

2 Jungle names related to or that mean jungle for boys, listing Jungle baby names 1-2. Kipling and Rudyard are uncommon names. View Jungle baby names below for name meanings.

Kipling ... "The Jungle Book" ...

Rudyard ... who wrote the "Just So Stories" and the "Jungle Book".

Popularity of Jungle baby names

Related words: bush, chase, forest, knot, labyrinth, park, ravel, web, wilderness, wood, woodland. Partial list of 18 results related to jungle below. Click on above related words for more results.

George ... American Presidents George Prescott Bush ... George Herbert Walker Bush ...
[Egor, Georas, Geordi, Geordie, Georg, ... 28 more]

Chase ... Painter William Merritt Chase.
[Chace, Chasen, Chayce, Chayse]

Arden ... "Great forest." ... and also the name of the magically beautiful forest in Shakespeare's "As You Like It".
[Ard, Arda, Ardie, Ardin, Ardon, ... 2 more]

Greenwood ...

Canute ... "Knot." ...
[Cnut, Knut, Knute]

Daedalus ... Greek mythology: Daedalus was a master craftsman and the designer of King Minos' labyrinth ... Minos had him imprisoned in the labyrinth ...
[Daldalos, Dedalus]

Bert ... Its popularity among show-business types of a certain age (Miss America emcee Bert Parks; actors Burt Lancaster, Burt Reynolds) gives it a jaunty, masculine connotation.
[Bertie, Bertin, Berto, Berty, Burt, ... 2 more]

Maurice ... composer Maurice Ravel.
[Maurell, Maureo, Mauricio, Maurids, Maurie, ... 25 more]

Templeton ... Also the name of the rat in "Charlotte's Web".
[Temp, Temple, Templeten]

Ansel ... who photographed the American wilderness so eloquently.
[Ancell, Ansell]

Ainsley ... "Only hermitage wood or clearing." ...
[Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Ainslie, Ansley, Aynslee, ... 2 more]

Keith ... "Woodland, forest." ...


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