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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Just baby names and what they mean, for just, judge, law, righteous, with 56 results. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity 125 years ago (ADOPTION OF 4.84%) and are somewhat less conventional today (ADOPTION 2.58%, 46.7%), with names such as Reginald becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable baby names among these are Gideon (#328), Eli (#53), Jude (#156), Samson (#622) and Justus (#866), while Daniell (TOP 9%) and Denn (12%) are conventional surnames. Here is the list of Judge names for girls.

Just names

Acim - Giustino | Haidar - Ragnar | Randi - Zedekiah

Acim - Giustino

Origin fr. Hebrew word. "God will judge." Alim is a somewhat popular birth name. [Ahim, Achim]

Based on Arabic element. "Righteous, fair." Adil (cf. Assil, Auvil) is a common -il suffix surname. [Adiel, .. 1 more]

Root fr. Hebrew word. "God is just." Addy, Adley and Atli are more unconventional as variations of Adlai. Aramaic contracted form of the Hebrew .. [Atli, Adley, Addy, Addie, .. 2 more]

.. a minor official of the law. A familiar baby name (#1503 IN 2015), Bailey also exists commonly as a last name. [Bayly, Baylee, Baily, Bailie, Bailee, .. 6 more]

.. British politician Bonar Law. Bonar (upper 8%), Bonnar (36%) and Bonner (1%) occur frequently as last names. [Bonner, .. 1 more]

.. of military science, law, and literature .. Cormack and variants were favored by parents less than a decade ago and are almost as common now. [Cormick, .. 1 more]

Root fr. Hebrew element. "Judge; God is my judge." Dan and Dann became less trendy in 2015, falling -159 positions as boys' names with Dan falling the most. Biblical .. [Dann]

Stems fr. Hebrew word. "God is my judge." Dan (upper 8%), Dane (7%), Daniel (1%), Daniele (11%) and Danko (6%) exist commonly as last names. Biblical .. [Deiniol, Dantrell, Danko, Danilo, Danil, Daneal, Dane, Danal, .. 12 more]

.. name also means "law" in Hebrew .. Dean, Deane and Dino are generally used as forms. [Dino, .. 4 more]

Stems fr. Old English. "Judge's child." Not that prominent as a baby name, Deems is found more conventionally as a last name. See also Demos.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Just names: Adlai, Bailey, Cormac, Dan, Daniel

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Just names: Dean, Dennis, Earl, Eli, Ewald

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Just names: Ewing, Gideon

Stems fr. Old English element. "One who judges." Dempster is rarely adopted as a birth name. Gossip columnist Nigel Dempster.

.. a judge of Athens who was .. Prominent, with usage of 0.054% for Dennis and variants as baby names in 2015, higher than 0.054% a year ago. [Diot, Dion, Denys, Denny, Dennison, .. 12 more]

.. Chief Justice of the American Supreme .. Unconventional, with usage of 0.007% for Earl and variants as boys' names in 2015, higher than 0.005% the year before. [Rollo, Erryl, Errol, Earlie, .. 6 more]

.. "brow" or ail "just like", combined .. Elewyn and Emilwyn are creative forms. See also Elwynn.

.. a priest and judge who brought .. Ely (upper 2%), Elie (9%), Eli (12%), Eloi (50%) and Eloy (76%) exist commonly as last names. [Heli, Ely, .. 3 more]

Based on Old German, Old English words. "Law powerful." Less widespread today. Ewell was the variant last recorded (the 1950s) in the Top 2000. From eo wald. [Ewell, Evaldo, Evald, .. 1 more]

Source fr. Old English language. "Law friend." Ewin, Ewing and Ewynn are hardly found as masculine names. Also a variant of Euan .. [Ewynn, .. 1 more]

Stems fr. Arabic. "Distinguisher, judge." Rather unusual as a children's name. [Faruqh, Faruq, .. 1 more]

A hero and judge of Israel .. Gideon has grown increasingly popular as a birth name since the 1920s. [Hedeon, Gidon, .. 2 more]

Source fr. Italian, Latin. "Just, fair." Giustino, Giustiniano, etc. are seldom found as men's names. Variant of Justin. [Giusto, Giustiniano, Giustinian]

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Summary Index of Just names [and variants] for boys.

1. Acim - Giustino
Acim [Ahim, Achim], Adil [Adeel, Adiel], Adlai [Ad, Addy, Atli, Addie, Adley, Atlee], Bailey [Bayly, Baily, Baley, Baylee, Bayley, Baillie, ..], Bonar [Bonnar, Bonner], Cormac [Cormack, Cormick], Dan [Dann], Daniel [Danny, Danya, Danyal, Danyel, Deiniol, Dantrell, ..], Dean [Deen, Dino, Dene, Deyn, Deane], Deems, Dempster, Dennis [Dion, Deon, Diot, Dionysus, Dionisio, Dionysius, ..], Earl [Irl, Erle, Errol, Erryl, Rollo, Erroll, ..], Eilwyn, Eli [Ely, Elie, Eloi, Eloy, Heli], Ewald [Evald, Euell, Ewell, Evaldo], Ewing [Ewin, Ewynn], Farouk [Faruq, Farooq, Faruqh], Gideon [Gidi, Gidon, Hedeon, Gideone], Giustino [Giusto, Giustinian, Giustiniano]

Haidar [Hyder, Haider, Hayder, Haydar], Harlan [Harlen, Harlin, Harlyn, Harland, Harlenn, Harlynn], Harry [Hal, Harrie, Heimrich], Hugh [Huw, Ugo, Shug, Ugolin, Hugues, Shuggie, ..], Jadon [Jaedon, Jaeden, Jaiden, Jaidin, Jayden, Jaydon, ..], Job [Joab, Jobe, Joby], Jude [Jud, Judd, Judah, Judas, Judsen, Judson], Justice [Justyce], Justin [Justo, Justus, Justis, Justyn, Justino, Justinus, ..], Justus [Justis], Kipling [Kippling], Lamont [Lamond, Lemond, Lammond, Lamonte], Leviticus, Lexus, Lidon [Ledon, Leedon], Marshall [Marsh, Marshal, Marschal, Marshell, Marischal, Marischall], Martin [Marty, Martyn, Marton, Morten, Martinos, Martinus, ..], Moses [Moss, Mosie, Mozes, Mosiah, Moyses, ..], Nemesio, Ragnar [Rainer, Rayner, Raynor, Reiner, Regner, Rainier]

Randi, Rashad [Rashod, Rashaad], Reginald [Ronald, Reynold, Rinaldo, Reynolds, Reynaldos, Rheinallt, ..], Rei [Reizo], Renjiro, Rudyard, Samson [Sam, Shem, Sansom, Sanson, Sansone, Sampson], Samuel [Shem, Sammy, Sammie, Samwell, Samuele, Samuello], Taft, Teiji [Teijo], Thurgood, Ty [Tye], Uriel, Warren [Ware, Waring, Warrin, Warriner], Zadok [Zadoc, Zaydok], Zedekiah [Zed, Zedekias, Zedechiah]

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