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Danton - Terrell

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Danton 1 .. .. one of the key figures in .. D'anton and Danton are irregularly used given names, and Danton exists often (top 33%) as a surname. [D'anton]

Douglas 2 .. .. these clans are key figures in .. Douglas and variants became less trendy in 2014, dropping -56 positions as children's names with Douglas leading the fall. [Doug, Dugaid, .. 1 more]

Ernest 3 .. .. name Earnest a key feature of .. Adoption of Ernestine and forms grew in the 1940s and has become less, with Earnest, Ernest, Ernie and Ernst becoming less stylish. [Earnest, Ernestus, .. 7 more]

Francis 4 .. .. Spangled Banner author Francis Scott Key .. Francis and variants became less trendy in 2014, dropping -40 positions as baby names with Frankie dropping the most. [Chico, Ferenc, Ffransis, Francesco, Franche, Franchesco, Franciskus, Frank, Frans, Fransisco, .. 33 more]

Kai 5 .. Based on Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek words. "Keeper of the keys; earth." Kaj and variants are barely found as male names. Variant of Kay .. [Kaj, Kye, .. 1 more]

Keyes 6 .. .. do with the possession of keys .. Unusual. Keyes (cf. Socrates, Ioannes) ends with the common masculine-sounding -es. [Key, .. 1 more]

Largo 7 .. .. Key Largo is an island in .. Largo is uncommon as a boys' name. See also Lark.

Machenry 8 .. .. for Francis Scott Key's The Star .. Machenry and Mchenry are irregularly used male names, and Mchenry is found commonly (top 2%) as a last name. [Mchenry]

Mohandas 9 .. .. passive resistance was key to gaining .. Uncommon. Mohandas (cf. Zedekias, Josias) ends with the familiar masculine-sounding -as.

Tancred 10 .. .. who played a key part in .. Tancred, Tancredi and Tancredo are not Top 1000 names. [Tancredi, .. 1 more]

Terrell 11 .. thunder, was a key figure in .. Terrell (top 39%) and Tyrell (84%) are frequently occurring as masculine names. [Tarrall, Terell, Terryal, Terryl, Tyrell, .. 7 more]

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[Danton - Terrell]
Danton [1], Douglas [3], Ernest [9], Francis [43], Kai [3], Keyes [2], Largo, Machenry [1], Mohandas, Tancred [2], Terrell [12]