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Kill Names

3 Kill names and what they mean, for kill for baby boys, listing 1-3. Atticus, Fallows and Wilder are rare names.

Atticus .. Literary: the name of Scout's father in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" ..

Fallows .. Before the discovery of crop rotation, farmers used to let fields lie fallow to gather moisture or to kill weeds ..

Wilder .. Occupational name for someone who traps or kills wild animals ..
[Wild, Wilde]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Kill names: Atticus

Featured categories: brook, complete, cut, damp, death, defeat, destruction, fresh, hit, knife, martyr, negative, perfect, prey, river, sacrifice, shoot, shooting, stream.

Beck .. Singer Beck.

Martin .. Saint Martin de Porres (16th and 17th century), a man of mixed Spanish and Indian blood, is patron of work for interracial justice and harmony ..
[Marinos, Mart, Martel, Martell, Marten, .. 12 more]

Berkeley .. In America probably most famous as the San Francisco suburb that is home to a branch of the University of California ..
[Bar, Barklay, Barkley, Barklie, Barrclay, .. 8 more]

Annan .. "From the brook."

Butcher ..

Aric .. "Complete ruler." ..
[Aaric, Arick, Arik, Arric, Arrict, .. 9 more]

Barry .. Saint Bairre (seventh century) founded a monastery that became the city of Cork in Ireland ..
[Bari, Barree, Barrey, Barrie, Barrington, .. 4 more]

Barber .. The French word for "beard" is "barbe", and in the past, men who wished to have their facial hair cut or trimmed would have it done professionally, as not everyone possessed a razor.
[Barbar, Barbour]

Wakefield .. "Damp field." ..

Alexander .. Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) conquered and ruled the greater part of the known world before his death at the age of 33 ..
[Al, Alasdair, Alastair, Alaster, Alaxander, .. 65 more]

Aneirin .. The "Book of Aneirin" is a 13th-century manuscript about his work, including the "gododdin", a long work about the defeat of the Welsh by the Saxons ..
[Aneurin, Nye]

Bram .. The raven has historically stood for death and destruction ..
[Bramm, Bran, Brann]

Brutus .. "Dull, stupid." ..

Gaetano .. Caieta may also derive from Kaiadas, a Greek place for the execution of prisoners ..
[Caetano, Cayetano, Cajetan, Cajetano, Gaetan, .. 5 more]

Shabat .. "Finish, stop." ..

Earvin .. "Green, fresh water." ..

Albert .. Politician Al Gore.
[Abert, Adalbert, Adalbrecht, Adalberto, Adelbert, .. 22 more]


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