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Abraham 6 .. .. the Eastern Roman Empire also bore .. Abraham (upper 1%), var., like Abrahams (upper 8%), Abrham (78%), are popular Ab- prefix surnames. [Ab, Abarran, Aberham, Abrahamo, Abrami, Avram, Ebrahim, .. 15 more]

Absalom 7 .. Absalom, son of King David, was .. Uncommon. Absolom, var. (cf. Dom, Avrom) end with the popular masculine-sounding -om. [Absalon, Abshalom, Absolom, Absolon, Avshalom, .. 2 more]

Adalric 8 .. Stems fr. Old German. "Noble, regal ruler." Not Top 1000 names. [Adalrich, Adelric, Adelrich, .. 2 more]

Adlai 9 .. .. of one of King David's herdsmen .. Uncommon. Adlai (cf. Chai, Cai) ends with the familiar masculine-sounding -ai. [Ad, Addie, Addy, Atlee, Atli, .. 1 more]

Adolph 10 .. .. German and Swedish royal name and .. Common as surnames. Compare Adolph (top 10%), Addolph, Dolph (10%) with common -lph last names Rolph (top 12%), Pandolph (87%). [Ad, Addolf, Addolph, Adolf, Adolfo, Adolphus, Dolf, Dolphus, .. 5 more]

Adonia 11 .. one of King David's sons. Adon, Adonias, etc. are seldom found as men's names, and Adon is found often (top 49%) as a surname. [Adon, Adonia, .. 3 more]

Adrian 12 .. .. by the Roman emperor Publius Aelius .. Common as surnames. Compare Adriaan, var. and common surnames Adin (upper 97%), Aderman (28%), which also begin with Ad-. [Ade, Adrean, Adriano, Adrion, Adryan, Aydrian, Hadrien, Haydrian, Haydrien, .. 18 more]

Aegeus 13 .. .. King Aegeus was the father of .. Unusual. Aegeus, Aigeos and Aigeus are not listed in the US Demographics. [Aigeos, .. 1 more]

Aeneas 14 .. The Trojan hero prince of Virgil's .. Enneiss and variants were not Top birth names in 2014. [Aenneas, Aineias, Aineis, Enneis, Enneiss, .. 6 more]

Aimery 15 .. Based on Old German language. "King of work." Unusual. Aimery, Aymery, like Ksawery, Salisbery, end with the common masculine-sounding -ery. French name. [Aimerey, Amerey, Aymeric, .. 3 more]

Ajax 16 .. .. was a legendary king of Salamis .. Ajax and Aias are not in the Top 1000. [Aias]

Alan 17 .. .. of William the Conqueror, such as .. Adoption of Alan and variants as birth names in 2014 was down 19.6% compared to 10 years ago. [Ailean, Ailin, Alain, Aland, Alano, Allain, Alley, Alun, Alyn, .. 16 more]

Alaric 18 .. Derived fr. Old German. "Noble, regal ruler." Al is a prevalent (upper 36%) masculine name. .. was the Gothic king of the .. [Al, Allaric, Allerick, Alric, Ullrich, Ulrich, .. 9 more]

Alban 19 .. .. in the Roman Empire called Alba .. Alvin (upper 15%), var., like Alan (upper 12%), Albay (100%), are popular Al- prefix last names. [Al, Albain, Albin, Alby, Alvan, Alvin, Alvy, Auben, .. 10 more]

Albert 20 .. .. in honor of Prince Albert of Saxe .. Albert, Adalbert, etc. became less popular in 2014, dropping -52 positions as baby names with Alberto falling the most. [Abert, Albertus, Allie, Aubert, Bert, Delbert, Elbrecht, .. 20 more]

Alexander 21 .. .. (356 323 BC) conquered and ruled the greater .. Popular. Xander, var., like Evander, Casander, end with the favored masculine -nder. [Al, Alasdair, Alcander, Alcinder, Alejandro, Alejo, Alek, Aleksandar, Alessandre, Alessandri, .. 60 more]

Alfonso 22 .. .. favoured by Spanish royalty, but is .. Affonso, Alfons, Alfonse, Alfonsin and Alfonsino are more novel as forms of Alfonso. [Affonso, Alfons, Alfonse, Alfonsin, Alphons, .. 13 more]

Alfred 23 .. .. Great (ninth century), King of Wessex .. Alfredo and Avery (+10) are chic forms undergoing resurgence. [Ahlfred, Ailfred, Ailfrid, Ailfryd, Alfey, Alfie, Alfre, Alfredas, Fred, Freddie, .. 11 more]

Algernon 24 .. .. a companion of William the Conqueror .. Al (upper 28%), Alger (4%) and Algie (70%) exist frequently as last names. [Al, Alger, Algey, Algie, Aljernon, .. 3 more]

Alistair 25 .. .. by three medieval kings of the .. Scarce as boys' names, but Aly, Alistair, etc. are pronounced like the more popular Ali. [Alastair, Alister, Aly, .. 5 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of King names: Abraham, Adolph, Adrian, Alan, Albert, Alexander, Alfonso, Alfred

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