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Abraham 6 .. The name was used from the 16th century, and various early saints of the Eastern Roman Empire also bore this name .. Abraham is frequently occurring (Top 28%) as a first name, and it appears commonly (Top 2%) as a last name in the US Census. The variation Abe is commonly used as a variant form of this name. [Ab, Abe, Abey, Abrahamo, Abrahim, .. 17 more]

Absalom 7 .. Biblical: Absalom, son of King David, was renowned for his handsome appearance and ability to win the loyalty and allegiance of others .. A given name which is little-used. [Absalon, Abshalom, Absolom, Avshalom, .. 3 more]

Adalric 8 .. Source fr. Old German language. "Noble, regal ruler." Not extensively used as a name for boys. [Adalrich, Adalrick, Adelrich, .. 2 more]

Adlai 9 .. Biblical name borne by a very minor character, the father of one of King David's herdsmen .. Both a masculine and a feminine name. A given name for baby boys that is little-used. [Ad, Addy, Atlee, .. 3 more]

Adolph 10 .. The Latin form Adolphus arrived in Britain in mid-19th century, having been a German and Swedish royal name and also a saint's name .. Somewhat irregularly used as a given name for boys, Adolph occurs more often as a last name. The forms Dolph and Adolf are commonplace as variations of Adolph. [Ad, Addolf, Adolf, Adulfus, Adolphe, .. 8 more]

Adonia 11 .. Biblical: one of King David's sons. Name suited for both genders. Adonia is scantly used as a masculine name. [Adon, Adonia, Adonijah, .. 2 more]

Adrian 12 .. The name was borne by the Roman emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus (second century AD) .. A name applicable for both men and women. The name Adrian has risen in popularity as a name for newborns over time. [Ade, Adiran, Adrean, Adreyan, Adriaan, .. 22 more]

Aegeus 13 .. Greek mythology: King Aegeus was the father of Theseus, who killed the Cretan monster, the Minotaur .. Aegeus is an atypical given name. [Aigeos, .. 1 more]

Aeneas 14 .. Mythology: the Trojan hero prince of Virgil's Aeneid, who founded the Italian colony (Latium) that was the origin of Rome .. Not consistently used as a baby name. [Aenneas, Aineas, Aineis, Enea, Enne, .. 6 more]

Aimery 15 .. Origin fr. Old German element. "King of work." A birth name that is seldom used. See also Amry. .. [Aimerey, Amerey, Aymery, .. 3 more]

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