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Land Names

Page 1/3. 58 Land names and what they mean, for land for baby boys, listing 1-20. Brendan, Cleveland, Franklin, Garland and Harlan are commonly used names, while Balfour, Bay, Breck, Clayland, Courtland, Derland, Earland, Eoghan, Ephraim, Erland, Galt, Galton, Gore, Gorham and Gorton are rare in comparison.

Balfour .. "Grazing land." ..
[Balfer, Balfor, Balfore, Ballfour]

Bay Geography name: an indentation of land in a coastline ..

Breck .. Breck" also refers to a stretch of sandy, rolling land ..

Brendan .. Saint Brendan of Ireland (sixth century), known as "the Voyager", is famed for his scholarship and adventurous traveling, including a seven-year voyage to a land that some think may have been North America ..
[Breandan, Bren, Brendano, Brenden, Brendin, .. 5 more]

Clayland .. "Land of clay." ..

Cleveland .. "Land of cliffs." ..
[Cleavon, Cleaveland, Cleavland, Cleon, Cleve, .. 1 more]

Courtland .. "Land of the court." ..
[Cortland, Cortlandt, Court, Courtlandt]

Derland .. "Land with deer."

Earland .. "Earl's land." ..

Eoghan .. The Irish area of County Tyrone comes from this name, for in Irish it is Tir Eoghain, meaning "land of Eoghan".
[Jevon, Owain]

Ephraim .. Biblical: one of Joseph's sons by his Egyptian wife Asenath, so named: "For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction" ..
[Efraim, Efrain, Efrayim, Efrem, Efrim, .. 10 more]

Erland .. "Noble's land." ..
[Arlan, Erlend]

Franklin .. Freemen and Franks are related via Latin francālia, which originally referred to lands held by Franks, and were not subject to taxes ..
[Francklin, Francklyn, Frank, Franklinn, Franklyn, .. 1 more]

Galt .. "Steep wooded land." ..

Galton .. "Owner of a rented land."
[Galt, Galten, Gallton]

Garland .. "Land of the spear." ..
[Garlan, Garlen, Garlend, Garlin, Garlind, .. 2 more]

Gore .. Gore" is also an old term for a small, triangular-shaped piece of land, so this may be considered a place name, denoting an ancestor who lived on or near such a piece of land ..

Gorham .. "Village near the wedge-shaped piece of land." ..

Gorton .. "Settlement near the wedge-shaped piece of land." ..

Harlan .. "Army land." ..
[Harland, Harlen, Harlenn, Harlin, Harlyn, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Land names: Brendan, Cleveland, Eoghan, Ephraim, Franklin, Garland, Harlan

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