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Large names and what they mean, for large, tall, big, giant, largest, broad for men. Here is the list of Large names for girls. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in 1960-1969 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Jared, Granville, Stuart, Barney and Cornell falling out of fashion. The most trendy baby names in this list are Harvey (#493), Langston (#748), Enzo (#369), Bradley (#184) and Christopher (#30), with Harvey, Bradley and Christopher enjoying a rebound in usage.

Anakin - Brad

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Anakin 1 .. Based on American element. "Tall, giant." Well-received as a boys' name. .. [Ani]

Antares 2 .. The name of a giant red star, the brightest in the constellation Scorpio. An unusual name for babies. See also Andres.

Barney 3 .. Modern use likely refers to the famous large purple dinosaur. Usage of Barney as a name for babies has faded over time. See also Barnet. [Barnie, Barny]

Bracken 4 Plant name: a large coarse fern .. An unusual name for babies, Bracken is used more commonly as a surname. Also suitable as a girls' name.

Brad 5 .. Based on Old English element. "Broad, wide." Usage of Brad as a boys' name is only intermittent. Brad is on the other hand found somewhat often as a last name. See also Bram. .. [Bradd]

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[Anakin - Brad]
Anakin [1], Antares, Barney [2], Bracken, Brad [1]

[Braddock - Cetus]
Braddock, Bradford [3], Bradley [9], Brady [6], Brazil [1], Brynmor, Bubba, Busby [4], Caspian, Cetus

[Chamberlain - Dai]
Chamberlain [3], Cherokee, Christopher [32], Clifford [4], Cornell [3], Coster, Cotton [1], Cox [2], Cuba, Dai

[Danube - Francis]
Danube [1], Davenport, Deodar, Dunmore, Enzo [1], Erez, Factor, Farquhar [3], Fenris, Francis [43]

[Goliath - Jeroboam]
Goliath [2], Gordon [3], Grant [2], Grantland [3], Granville [4], Hall, Harvey [8], Humbert [2], Jared [15], Jeroboam

[Kentaro - Longfellow]
Kentaro, Kinnard [1], Lang [1], Langston [3], Langward, Largo, Leith, Linden [4], Long [1], Longfellow

[Montaro - Stuart]
Montaro, Moreland [2], Plato [1], Pollard [3], Pollock [2], Raven [3], Rio [1], Saguaro [1], Sainsbury [1], Stuart [2]

[Tahoe - Zipkiyah]
Tahoe, Talon [6], Tamir, Taro, Tay, Vesuvio, Wellington, Ymir, Zipkiyah