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Large Names

Page 1/4. 72 Large names and what they mean, for large, tall, big, giant, largest, broad for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Large names for girls.

Antares .. The name of a giant red star, the brightest in the constellation Scorpio.

Barney .. Modern use likely refers to the famous large purple dinosaur.
[Barnie, Barny]

Bracken Plant name: a large coarse fern ..

Brad .. (Old English) "Broad, wide." ..

Braddock .. (Old English) "Broad-spreading oak."

Bradford .. (Old English) "Broad ford." ..
[Braddford, Bradfurd, Brad]

Bradley .. (Old English) "Broad meadow." ..
[Brad, Bradd, Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradleigh, .. 4 more]

Brady .. Brádach is an old Irish byname possibly meaning "large-chested".
[Bradey, Bradie, Braedy, Braidie, Braidy, .. 1 more]

Brazil Place name of the largest country in South America ..

Brynmor .. (Welsh) "Large hill." ..

Bubba .. More commonly a nickname, usually for someone rather large ..

Busby .. A busby is also a tall military hat made of fur, such as those worn by the British soldiers who guard Buckingham Palace ..
[Busbee, Busbey, Busbie, Bussby]

Caspian Place name: the Caspian Sea is the largest inland body of water in the world, lying between Russia and Asia, and its southern coast is in Iran ..

Chamberlain .. A chamberlain was an administrative post in a large royal or noble household ..
[Chambellan, Chamberlin, Chambers]

Cherokee .. The name of one of the largest Native American tribes, used as a given name ..

Christopher .. The legend of Saint Christopher as the patron saint of travelers grew from the story of a giant who made his living carrying people across a river ..
[Chris, Christie, Christof, Christofer, Christoffer, .. 27 more]

Clifford .. Literary: Clifford the Big Red Dog is the hero of many children's books ..
[Cliff, Clyff, Clyfford, Clyford]

Cornell .. He was for a while the largest stockholder in Western Union.
[Cornall, Cornel, Corney]

Coster .. A costard was originally a native English apple, a large medieval variety that no longer exists.

Cotton .. May originally have been an occupational name from England, though the cotton plant, requiring a warm climate, was never a big source of industry in Britain ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Large names: Barney, Brad, Bradford, Bradley, Brady, Christopher, Clifford, Cornell

Barney, Brad, Bradford, Bradley, Brady, Christopher, Clifford and Cornell are commonly used names, while Antares, Bracken, Braddock, Brazil, Brynmor, Bubba, Busby, Caspian, Chamberlain, Cherokee, Coster and Cotton are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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