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Latin baby names and what they mean, with 335 results. Usage of these boy names reached its peak 55 years ago (usage of 10.36%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 7.49%, 28%), with names such as Clarence becoming less stylish. The most trendy birth names in this list are Bennett (#153), Oliver (#19), Rhett (#274), Roman (#102) and Silas (#129), while Camiolo (top 68%) and Bannett (90%) are popular surnames. Here is the list of Latin names for girls.

Aad - Andino | Anthony - Bastian | Beattie - Caius | Cajetan - Chester | Christian - Council | Creed - Efisio | .. - .. | Turbo - Vivian

Aad - Andino

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Latin names: Adrian, Aime, Albion, Alta, Amaury

"From Hadria." Aad is unusual as a birth name. Danish nickname of Adriaan, from Adrian.

"Abundant, plenty." Unusual, but Abundio, Abondio, etc. are comparable to common last names Amadio (upper 20%), Amedio (63%), with the -dio suffix. Spanish name.

"Eagle." Acilian and Ailino are kreatif forms. See also Aquilino. Spanish variant of Aquila.

"From Hadria." Adrian, Adrain, Adriano, Adrien and Adron are common as variant forms. Place name ..

"Desire to please." Not in Top 2000. Spanish name.

"To praise." Uncommon. Aineas, var. (cf. Abbas) use the androgynous-sounding -as suffix. From Aineias, from Greek ainein ..

"Beloved." Aime was favored as a baby name during 1910-1919. Also a girls' name. French name Aimé is more common ..

"Cheerful." Alair, Alaire, Helier, Hilarie and Larie are more unusual as versions. French variant of Hilary ..

Alban, var. Albion1
"From Alba." Al, Albion, Alvan and Alvy are prevalent as versions of Alban. From the Latin name Albanus, which ..

"White; rock, crag." Albion peaked in popularity a century ago. See also Alpin. .. derive from the Latin "albus" referring ..

"Winged one." Not in Top 2000.

"High, elevated." Alta, Alto and Altus are rarely found as men's names. As in Alta, Utah, thousands of ..

"Bright, shining." Rare, with the unusual masculine -cio ending for Alucio, Allucio, like Acacio. The root is "lux", or light ..

Variant of Alfred. Compare surnames Aldred (top 14%), Alfred (4%). See also Alard.

"Spring, greening." Outside Top 2000. See also Albern. See also Elvin.

Amadeus, var. Amyas1
"God's love." Amadee, Amadei, Amadeus, Amadeusz and Amadi are more rarefied as forms.

"Lovable." Amadore and Amadour are more rare as variant forms. A Saint Amadour, purportedly founder of ..

"Dark-skinned, Moorish." Somewhat popular as baby names, Amaury and Amory are similar to the common Amir. Variant of Maurice.

"Loved." Amias was a Top birth name in 2015. Possibly an anglicized version of Amadeus ..

"Man, warrior." Andino is not frequently used as a birth name. Italian short form of Andrew.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Latin names for boys.

1. Aad - Andino
Aad, Abundio, Acilino, Adrian [Hadrian, ..], Adulio, Aeneas [Eneas], Aime, Alaire [Hilary], Alban [Albion], Albion, Aleron, Alta, Alucio, Alured, Alvern, Amadeus [Amyas], Amadour, Amaury, Amyas, Andino

2. Anthony - Bastian
Anthony [Tony, ..], Anton, Antonio [Tony, ..], Aquila, Arcelio, Archer, Arden, Ardmore, Argento, Aries, Ascanius, Atticus, August [Gus, ..], Augustine [Austin], Augustus [Gus, ..], Aurelio, Austin, Balbo, Baptist, Bastian

3. Beattie - Caius
Beattie, Benedict [Bennett], Benigno, Bennett, Biagio, Blaise [Blaze], Blandino, Blanton, Blaze [Blaise, ..], Blondell, Bonaventure, Boniface, Boone, Bouvier, Branch, Brett, Brevard, Brutus, Caesar [Kaiser, ..], Caius [Kay]

4. Cajetan - Chester
Cajetan, Callis, Calum, Calumet, Camilo, Candido, Carew, Carmine, Carpenter, Cassian, Cassius, Cato, Catullus, Cecil [Celio], Celesto, Celio, Celso, Cesar, Chesley, Chester

5. Christian - Council
Christian [Kristian, ..], Cicero, Cirrus, Cisco, Clarence [Clarrie], Clark, Clarrie, Claude, Clement [Klemens], Clitus, Como, Constant, Constantine [Konstantin, ..], Cook, Corbinian, Corin, Corvin, Cornelius, Costas, Council

6. Creed - Efisio
Creed, Crispin, Cristian, Cyprian, Czar, Dacey, Dante, Dario, Decimus, Desiderio [Didier], Deus, Dexter, Didier, Dominic [Domino], Domino, Duke, Durand [Dante], Durbin, Edrian, Efisio

7. Elian - Fitzpatrick
Elian, Eligius, Elmo, Elvio, Emil [Emiliano], Emiliano, Eneas, Ensign, Epifanio, Evander, Fabian [Favian], Fabrice, Falco, Faunus, Faust, Favian, Felix, Festus, Fidel, Fitzpatrick

8. Flavian - Gratien
Flavian, Florian, Fonso, Fortney, Francis [Paquito, ..], Fulgentius, Fulvio, Gaetano [Cajetan], Gaius [Kay], Galo, Garner, Gentile, Geraint, Germain [Jermaine], Gerontius, Gery, Giulio, Giustino, Gonzalo, Gratien

9. Gregory - Julian
Gregory, Griffin, Gus, Hadrian [Adrian], Hamilcar, Harmony, Hilary [Ilario], Honore, Horace [Horatius, ..], Horatio, Horatius, Hugo, Ilario, Jamie, Janus, Jay, Jermaine [Germain], Jovan [Jove], Jove, Julian

10. Junior - Laverne
Junior, Junius, Jupiter, Justin [Justus, ..], Justus, Juvenal, Kaiser, Kalvin, Kay, Klemens, Konstantin, Kornel, Krispin, Kristian, Lalo, Larch, Larry, Laud, Laurean, Laverne

11. Lawrence - Marcellus
Lawrence [Lorenzo, ..], Leo, Leomaris, Lexus, Liberio, Lionel, Lombard, Loren, Lorenzo, Lorimer, Lucan, Luce, Lucian, Lucretius, Magnus, Magus, Major [Mayer], Maks, Marcel [Marcellus], Marcellus

12. Marco - Nemo
Marco, Marcus [Marco], Mariano, Marino, Mario, Marion [Mariano], Mark [Mario, ..], Martin, Maurice [Morris], Maximilian [Maximus, ..], Maximus [Maks], Mayer, Mercury, Mercator, Minor, Modesto, Montana, Morris, Nazaire, Nemo

13. Nevin - Patrick
Nevin, Noble, Octavio, Olindo, Oliver, Orel [Orel], Orson, Osten [Austin], Pablo, Paciano, Pacifico, Paco, Paddy, Pagan, Paine, Palomo, Paquito [Paco], Parnell, Pascal, Patrick [Paddy]

14. Paul - Rex
Paul [Pablo], Percy, Perdido, Peregrine, Pernell, Perry, Pio, Pompeo, Pons, Prince, Proctor, Prosper, Prudencio, Pryor, Quentin, Refugio, Reginald [Reynold], Regis, Remus, Rex

15. Reynold - Servas
Reynold [Reginald], Rhett, Roman, Romeo, Romulus, Rosario, Rufino, Rufus, Sabino, Sage, Saint, Salvador, Salvio, Sancho, Satchel, Scorpio, Septimus, Sereno, Sergio, Servas

16. Severin - Tsar
Severin, Sextus [Sixtus], Shelby, Sidonio, Silas [Silvanus], Silvanus, Silvester [Sylvester], Sixtus, Soren, Spark, Spiridon, Sylvester [Silvester], Tarquin, Taurus, Temple, Terence, Titus, Tony, Trent, Tsar

17. Turbo - Vivian
Turbo, Ulysses, Urban, Usher, Valentine, Valerian, Vester, Viator, Victor, Vidal, Vincent, Virgil, Virginius, Vito, Vivian

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