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Legend Names

(See: Mythology Names)

Page 1/2. 26 Legend names and what they mean, for legend for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Mythology names for girls.

Anthony .. According to legend, he lived alone in the wilderness for over 80 of his hundred-some years ..
[Andy, Antal, Anthone, Anthoney, Anntoin, .. 27 more]

Arthur .. Tennyson's "Idylls of the King" (19th century) and the Victorian romanticism of things medieval and of Arthurian legend in particular promoted its use ..
[Aart, Arrt, Art, Artair, Arte, .. 12 more]

Borak .. According to legend, Al Borak was the name of the magical horse that bore Muhammad from earth to the seventh heaven.

Christopher .. The legend of Saint Christopher as the patron saint of travelers grew from the story of a giant who made his living carrying people across a river .. According to the legend, one day he carried across a child whom he discovered was actually Christ ..
[Chris, Christie, Christof, Christofer, Christoffer, .. 27 more]

Cincinnatus Legendary consul of ancient (fifth century BC) Rome, a statesman, who, according to legend, preferred farming but performed his civic duty by leading the state.

Conan .. In Irish legend, Conán was a member of the Fianna, the band of followers of the legendary hero Finn mac Cumhaill ..
[Con, Conant, Conn, Connie]

Edsel .. Mythology: from the name Etzel, a name found in Germanic legend, from Adal ..

Eoghan .. In Irish legend, Eóghan was the name of one of the two sons of Niall of the Nine Hostages (the other was Conall) ..
[Jevon, Owain]

Eric .. Scandinavian legend relates that the explorer Leif Ericson (son of Erik the Red) landed on the shores of America 500 years before Christopher Columbus ..
[Aeric, Aerick, Aerric, Aerrick, Aerricko, .. 26 more]

Eustace .. According to legend, Saint Eustace (second century) was a Roman general who was converted and martyred ..
[Estachio, Eustache, Eustachios, Eustachius, Eustachy, .. 9 more]

Fife .. In Gaelic legend the name is said to be from the legendary Pictish hero Fib, one of the seven sons of Cruithne.
[Fib, Fyfe]

Gaetano .. According to legend, the place was named after Aeneas' nurse, Caieta, who died there ..
[Caetano, Cayetano, Cajetan, Cajetano, Gaetan, .. 5 more]

George .. Baseball legend George "Babe" Ruth ..
[Egor, Georas, Geordi, Geordie, Georg, .. 29 more]

Geraint .. A Sir Geraint appears in certain Arthurian legends.
[Gerant, Jerant, Jeraint]

Griffin .. In Greek mythology and medieval legend, the Gryphon was a fierce creature with the foreparts of an eagle (hence the hooked nose) and the hindquarters of a lion ..
[Griff, Griffen, Griffon, Gryffen, Gryffin, .. 1 more]

Ichabod .. Literary: Washington Irving named a character Ichabod Crane in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow".
[Ikabod, Ikavod]

Jerome .. He is often portrayed with a lion, from the legend that he removed a thorn from the lion's pad and won the beast's lifelong loyalty ..
[Gerome, Geronimo, Gerrie, Gerry, Hierome, .. 15 more]

Kay .. Ancient name borne, in legend, by a knight of the Round Table ..
[Kai, Keh]

Leif .. According to Norse legend, the Viking Leif Ericson landed his longboat on American shores some 500 years before Columbus arrived.

Lleu .. In Welsh legend the name was borne by a well-loved hero known as Lleu Skillful Hands.
[Lugh, Lugus]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Legend names: Anthony, Arthur, Christopher, Edsel, Eric, Gaetano, George, Griffin, Jerome, Kay, Leif

Anthony, Arthur, Christopher, Eric, George, Jerome and Leif are commonly used names, while Borak, Cincinnatus, Conan, Edsel, Eoghan, Eustace, Fife, Gaetano, Geraint, Griffin, Ichabod, Kay and Lleu are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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