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Lion names

Names related to the king of the beasts, the lion (Greek len, Latin leo), have heroic connotations of a courageous, strong, or fierce person. Lion baby names and what they mean, for lion, tiger, cat.

Usage of these boy names reached its apex during 1930-1939 (adoption of 4.7%) and is now significantly less (adoption 1.7%, 65% less), with names like Garfield becoming somewhat dated. The more fashionable baby names here are Leonardo (#114), Felix (#267), Ari (#441), Hamza (#620) and Griffin (#241).

Here is the list of Lion names for girls.


Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Abbas - Jerome

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lion names: Abbas, Ari, Ariel, Daniel, Dillon

.. refer to a lion, equivalent to .. Abas is also a marginally prominent birth name. [Ab, Abbie, .. 4 more]

.. who once helped an injured lion .. Rare, but Androcles is comparable to popular -les surnames Aurioles (top 99%), Angles (20%). [Androclus]

Based on Hebrew, Scandinavian words. "Lion, eagle." Common, with usage of 0.036% for Ari and variants as baby names in 2014, but lower than 0.042% the previous year. A short form of Aristides .. [Arie, Arri, Ary, .. 3 more]

Derivative of Hebrew word. "Lion of God." Popular, with usage of 0.052% for Ariel and variants as boys' names in 2014, though lower than 0.057% the previous year. Biblical place name for Jerusalem .. [Aeriel, Aeriell, Airel, Ari, Ariell, .. 7 more]

Derivative of Hebrew word. "Lion." Not that popular as a boys' name, Ary is used more conventionally as a last name. Variant of Ari. [Arye, .. 1 more]

Derived fr. Turkish. "Lion." Unusual as a baby name, but Aslan is similar to the more common Allan. See also Ashlen. .. for the magical lion in The ..

Possibly Leander (Greek) "lion man", and .. Cleander is unique as a children's name. See also Cleandro.

.. death sentence in a lions' den .. Daniel (upper 1%), Danko (6%), Dane (7%), Dan (8%) and Daniele (11%) exist often as surnames. [Dan, Danal, Danial, Danilo, Danko, Deiniol, .. 15 more]

Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Like a lion; loyal." Dillon has dwindled in favor as a baby name circa 1992. Sounds like Dylan .. [Dilan, Dilon, .. 4 more]

.. given name of golfer Tiger Woods .. A slightly offbeat birth name, Eldridge occurs more often as a surname. [Eldredge, .. 4 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lion names: Eldridge, Felix, Garfield, Griffin, Gus

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Lion names: Hamza, Jerome

.. character Felix the Cat Latin feles .. Felix is a commonplace (top 21%) male name. [Fee, Felic, Feliciano, Feliks, Felizio, Felyx, .. 7 more]

.. of the fat orange cartoon cat. Gary is in the Top 2000. [Garry, Gary]

.. and the hindquarters of a lion .. Usage of Griffin and variants as children's names in 2014 was down 7.1% compared to 2013. [Griff, Griffen, Griffyn, Gruffud, Gruffydd, Gryphon, Guto, Gutyn, .. 5 more]

Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Cub, young lion." Gur, like the similar Garon, occurs more often as a surname. [Guri, Gurion, .. 2 more]

.. name of a cat character is .. Gustav and forms peaked in popularity a century ago and have become less common. [Guss, .. 1 more]

Stems fr. Arabic word. "Lion." Compare last names Hadar (upper 49%), Haldar (93%). Prophet Muhammad's son in law Ali .. [Haider, Haydar, Hyder, .. 1 more]

From hamuza which refers to lions. Adoption of Hamza as a boys' name in 2014 was up 14.3% compared to the previous year.

Root fr. Hindi, Sanskrit elements. "Lion." Outside Top 2000. See also Hairo. A Sanskrit color name for the ..

.. popular cartoon stuffed tiger created by .. Not Top 2000 names. [Hob, .. 1 more]

.. portrayed with a lion, from the .. Jerome, Hieronimo, etc. became less trendy last year, dropping -120 rankings as birth names with Jairo dropping the most. [Gerome, Hieronimo, Jairo, .. 17 more]

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Index of all Lion names [and variants] for boys.

1. Abbas - Jerome
Abbas b [Ab, Abo, Abbe, Abba, Abbey, Abbie], Androcles [Androclus], Ari b [Ary, Arie, Arri, Arye, Arius, Aristide], Ariel b [Ari, Arie, Arik, Aryel, Aryell, Ariell, ..], Ary [Arye, Aryeh], Aslan, Cleander, Daniel b [Danny, Danya, Danyal, Danyel, Deiniol, Dantrell, ..], Dillon b [Dilan, Dylon, Dilon, Dyllon, Dillan, Dillen], Eldridge [Eldrege, Eldrige, Eldrich, Eldrick, Eldredge], Felix b [Felyx, Felike, Pelike, Feliks, Felizio, Fleicien, ..], Garfield [Gary, Garry], Griffin b [Guto, Gutun, Gutyn, Gryffen, Gryphon, Gryffin, ..], Gur [Guri, Guriel, Gurion, Guryon], Gus [Guss, Gustav], Haidar [Hyder, Haider, Hayder, Haydar], Hamza, Hari, Hobbes [Hob, Hobbs], Jerome b [Jerry, Jeromo, Jerron, Jerrome, Jerrone, Jeronimo, ..]

2. Kefir - Tigger
Kefir, Leander b [Lee, Leo, Liander, Liandro, Leanther, Leiandros, ..], Leo b [Lev, Lion, Lyon, Leonel, Leontios, Leonello, ..], Leomaris, Leon [Leone, Lioni, Lionni, Leoncio, Lionisio], Leonard b [Lonny, Leonid, Leonis, Lonnard, Leonidas, Leonides, ..], Leonardo, Lionel b [Lyonel, Lyinell, Lyonelo, Lyonnel, Lyonnell, Lyonnello, ..], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone], Llewellyn b [Lew, Lewellyn, Llewelyn, Lewellen, Llewellen, Llwewellin], Loeb [Loew, Loewe, Loewy, Loeber], Lyon [Lyons], Napoleon [Nap, Leon, Leone, Napoleone], Othniel [Otniel], Richard b [Ritchy, Ryszard, Ritchie, Ritshard, Ritsherd, Ritchyrd, ..], Simba, Sylvester [Sly, Silvester, Silvestre], Tau, Tiger [Tige, Tigre, Tigris], Tigger

3. Timon - Usamah
Timon, Tipu [Tippoo], Usamah