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Little Names

Page 1/4. 70 Little names and what they mean, for little for baby boys, listing 1-20. Alan, Calvin, Cedric and Eric are commonly used names, while Almanzo, Arnett, Bassett, Blackburn, Bourne, Brickell, Caius, Calumet, Carlin, Carollan, Chetwin, Cleavant, Deepak, Elgin, Eunan and Fagan are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Little names for girls.

Alan .. Also possibly derived from the Gaelic "ailin" meaning "little rock" ..
[Ailean, Ailin, Al, Alain, Alair, .. 20 more]

Almanzo .. Famous from the "Little House" books: Almanzo Wilder tells Laura that a distant English ancestor's life had been saved during the Crusades by an Arab named El Manzoor ..

Arnett .. "Little eagle." ..
[Arnat, Arnet, Arnot, Arnott, Ornet, .. 1 more]

Bassett .. "Little person." ..

Blackburn .. In Scotland, "burn" is the term for a little brook.
[Blackburne, Blagburn]

Bourne .. A little stream is called a "burn" in Scotland ..
[Born, Borne, Bourn, Burn, Burns, .. 2 more]

Brickell .. "Little bridge."

Caius .. This was the name of the infamous Roman emperor called Caligula, a nickname meaning "little boots" ..
[Cai, Caio, Kay, Kaye, Keye, .. 2 more]

Calumet .. "Straw, little reed." ..

Calvin .. "Little bald one." ..
[Cal, Calvino, Kalvin, Vinnie]

Carlin .. "Little champion." ..
[Carling, Carly]

Carollan .. "Little champion."
[Carlin, Carling, Carolan]

Cedric .. The name later acquired a "sissy" image due to Cedric Errol Fauntleroy, the long-haired, velvet-suited boy hero of Frances Hodgson Burnett's 1886 novel "Little Lord Fauntleroy" ..
[Caddaric, Ced, Cedrick, Cedrik, Cedro, .. 6 more]

Chetwin .. "Little house on the twisted path." ..
[Chetwen, Chetwyn, Chetwynd, Chetwynn]

Cleavant .. Actors Cleavant Derricks, Cleavon Little.
[Cleavon, Cleevant, Cleeve, Cleevont]

Deepak .. "Little lamp." ..

Elgin .. "Little Ireland." The Gaelic source is Eilginn from Eilgin meaning "little Ireland" ..
[Eilgin, Eilginn, Elgine, Eljin]

Eric .. Literary: the name was not widely used among English-speaking people until 19th-century British fiction writers Frederic Farrar (in "Eric", or "Little by Little") and H Rider Haggard (in "Eric Brighteyes") ..
[Aeric, Aerick, Aerric, Aerrick, Aerricko, .. 26 more]

Eunan .. "Little horror." ..

Fagan .. "Little ardent one." ..
[Fegan, Feggan, Fagin]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Little names: Alan, Calvin, Cedric, Elgin, Eric

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