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Enzo - Renzo

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Enzo 1 .. May also have originated as an Italian form of Henry via Heinz, or a short form of names ending with enzo such as Lorenzo or Vicenzo .. Significantly used as a birth name for males. See also Enok. [Enzio]

Lawrence 2 .. Laurentum was a city south of Rome known for its laurel trees .. Usage of Lawrence and Loren as names for babies has waned over the years. The forms Lorin, Loren, Laurence and Larry are generally used as versions of this name. [Larance, Laranz, Larrance, Larrens, .. , Lorenzo, .. 41 more]

Loren 3 .. Modern variant of Lorenzo and Lawrence .. Loren has fallen off in favor as a name for boys over time. Also used as a girls' name. The variation Loran is widely used as a form of the name. [Loran, Lorin, Lorren, Loryn, .. 2 more]

Lorenzo 4 .. Lorenzo de'Medici was a Renaissance patron of Michaelangelo and da Vinci .. Very prominent birth name (#227 the previous year), and also occurring frequently as a surname. See also Lorenzen. [Larenzo, Loreno, Lorento, Lorenz, Nenzo, .. 4 more]

Renzo 5 .. Short form of Lorenzo .. A name for boys that is not broadly used and is used more frequently as a surname. See also Reno.

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[Enzo - Renzo]
Enzo [Enzio], Lawrence [Lorin, Lorry, Lorenz, Loritz, Lorentz, Lorrenz, Lorenzo, Lorrence, Lowrance, Lorenzen, ..], Loren [Loron, Loryn, Loran, Lorin, Lorren, Lorrin], Lorenzo [Nenzo, Loreno, Lorenz, Lorent, Larenzo, Lorento, Lorentz, Lorenzino, Laurencio], Renzo