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Enzo - Renzo

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Enzo 1 .. .. enzo such as Lorenzo or Vicenzo .. Adoption of Enzo and Enzio as children's names in 2014 was >100% more than 10 years ago. [Enzio]

Lawrence 2 .. Laurentum was a city south of .. Somewhat common as boys' names, Lon, Lawrence, etc. are comparable to the conventional Long. [Larance, Larry, Lars, Laurance, Laurens, Laurentios, Laurie, Lawry, Lorenc, Lorencz, Lorenzo, .. 35 more]

Loren 3 .. Modern variant of Lorenzo and Lawrence .. Unique. Loren, like Jaren, Aaren, ends with the popular masculine-sounding -ren. [Loran, Loron, .. 4 more]

Lorenzo 4 .. "From Laurentum." Lorentz and variants grew in popularity in the 1900s and are almost as popular today. Lorenzo de'Medici was a Renaissance patron .. [Larenzo, Lorentz, Lorenz, Nenzo, .. 5 more]

Renzo 5 .. Short form of Lorenzo. The Japanese .. Popular last name. Compare Renzo, and last names Danzo, Lanzo, which also end with -nzo. See also Reizo.

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[Enzo - Renzo]
Enzo [Enzio], Lawrence [Lorin, Lorry, Loritz, Lorrenz, Lorenzo, Lorenzen, Lorrence, Lowrance, ..], Loren [Loron, Loryn, Loran, Lorin, Lorren, Lorrin], Lorenzo [Nenzo, Lorenz, Loreno, Lorent, Lorentz, Lorento, Laurencio, Lorenzino], Renzo