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Burbank - Martin

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Burbank 1 .. Luther Burbank was a famous plant breeder who introduced many useful strains of fruits and vegetables in America in the early 20th century. Distinctive as a given name, existing more often as a last name.

King 2 .. Modern use may be inspired by Martin Luther King. Usage of King as a given name is widespread (#175 in 2014). King is also found commonly as a surname. See also Ring.

Luther 3 .. "Soldier of the people." Luther has decreased in favor as a name for boys over the years since 1880-1889. See also Lother. Usually used as homage to Martin Luther, the German religious reformer, or to Martin Luther king, Jr, the civil rights activist .. [Lotario, Lothario, .. 4 more]

Martin 4 .. Protestant reformer Martin Luther also influenced the name in the 19th century .. Usage of Martin as a birth name is widespread (#262 in 2014). Martin is also found commonly as a surname. The form Martell is widely used as a version of this name. [Marinos, Martel, Martenn, Martijn, Martinos, .. 12 more]

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[Burbank - Martin]
Burbank, King, Luther [Lothar, Lutero, Lothair, Louther, Lotario, Lothario], Martin [Marty, Martie, Morten, Marton, Martyn, Martino, Martijn, Martinus, Martinos, Martinien, ..]