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Ares - Martin

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Ares 1 .. .. was known as Mars in Roman .. Ares (upper 16%), like Gares (upper 32%), Cares (59%), is a common -res suffix last name. See also Arese.

Cairo 2 .. .. Arabic name of the planet Mars. Unusual as a birth name, but Cairo is similar to the more popular Cary. See also Caio.

Corin 3 .. .. who was later identified with Mars .. Corin, like the similar Kori, occurs more usually as a last name. [Coren, Korin, .. 4 more]

Marcel 4 .. .. these names is Mars, the Roman .. Popular as last names. Compare Marcel (top 10%) and popular -cel surnames Mencel (top 70%), Cancel (6%). [Marceau, Marcelo, Marciano, .. 7 more]

Marcellus 5 .. Derived fr. Latin word. "Dedicated to Mars." Marcellus, Marcello (cf. Marcelus, Marcelis) are common Mar- prefix surnames. A diminutive form of Marcus .. [Marcello]

Marcus 6 .. From Latin element. "Dedicated to Mars." Prevalent. Marcus, like Franciscus, Atticus, ends with the favored masculine-sounding -cus. .. Mars, the Roman god of fertility .. [Marcas, Markus, .. 2 more]

Mariano 7 .. .. possibly related to Mars; a masculine .. Moderately atypical as a birth name, Mariano exists more frequently as a surname. [Marianos, Marianus, Marimo]

Mark 8 .. Stems fr. Latin. "Dedicated to Mars." Mark, Marco, Marcus, Markell and Marques are prevalent as variant forms. Anglicized version of Marcus .. [Marc, Marco, Marcos, Marko, Marque, Marquus, .. 13 more]

Mars 9 Mythology .. Mars (cf. Wears, Dears) is a common -ars suffix surname. See also Moris.

Martin 10 .. Stems fr. Latin language. "Dedicated to Mars." Common as surnames. Compare Martin (upper 1%), Marten (7%), etc. and popular Mart- surnames Martija (upper 99%), Martinet (42%). .. with the Roman war god, Mars .. [Marinos, Mart, Marten, Martenn, Martino, Martinus, Marty, Martyn, Morten, .. 8 more]

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Ares, Cairo, Corin [6], Marcel [10], Marcellus [1], Marcus [4], Mariano [3], Mark [18], Mars, Martin [17]