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Ares - Marcus

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Ares 1 .. He was known as Mars in Roman mythology. Common choice for a given name (#781 the previous year) that also occurs often as a surname. See also Ames.

Cairo 2 .. Place name: the name of the capital of Egypt, derived from "al Qahir", the Arabic name of the planet Mars. Rarely used as a given name for boys, Cairo exists more commonly as a last name. See also Jairo.

Corin 3 .. Quirinus was an early Sabine and Roman god of war associated with Romulus, one of the legendary co-founders of Rome, who was later identified with Mars .. Unisex name. Corin is a scarce first name, and it occurs frequently (Top 59%) as a last name according to the US Census. [Coren, Cyran, Korin, .. 3 more]

Marcel 4 .. The source of these names is Mars, the Roman god of war .. The name Marcel has fallen off in favor as a name for baby boys over time. See also Martel. [Marceau, Marcellin, Marcell, Marcellus, Marcely, .. 5 more]

Marcus 5 .. Origin fr. Latin language. "Dedicated to Mars." The name Marcus has risen in favor as a given name for boys. See also Marcos. .. Mythology: Mars, the Roman god of fertility (from mas or maris for "male, virile"), for whom the spring calendar month March was named, became identified with the Greek Ares, god of war .. [Marcas, Markos, .. 2 more]

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[Ares - Marcus]
Ares, Cairo, Corin [Coren, Cyran, Koren, Korin, Corrin, Korrin], Marcel [Marcell, Marcelo, Marcely, Marcello, Marciano, Marcellin, Marcellus, Marcellino, ..], Marcus [Marco, Marcas, Markos, Markus]

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Mariano [Marimo, Marianos, Marianus], Mark [Marq, Marko, Markos, Markov, Markus, Marque, Marquus, Marques, ..], Mars, Martin [Marty, Morten, Marton, Martyn, Martino, Martinos, Martinus, Martinien, ..]