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Military Names

16 Military names related to or that mean military for boys, listing Military baby names 1-16. Major and Marshall are popular names. Bravo, Busby, Cormac, Emrys, Epaminondas, Hannibal, Jehu, Jotham, Lysander, Pompeo, Sandhurst, Standish, Tariq and Templeton are uncommon names. View Military baby names below for name meanings.

Bravo ... Also the word that means "B" in the military alphabet.
[Brahvo, Bravvo]

Busby ... A busby is also a tall military hat made of fur ...
[Busbee, Busbey, Busbie, Bussby]

Cormac ... Historical: the third-century Irish king who founded schools of military science, law ...
[Cormack, Cormick]

Emrys ... military leader and uncle to King Arthur ...

Epaminondas ... Epaminondas was a fourth-century BC military genius who invented fighting in organized units ...

Hannibal ... He was an enemy of the Roman Empire and masterminded a great military feat when he crossed the Alps with a baggage train of elephants to invade Italy.

Jehu ... Biblical: Jehu was a military commander of Israel, later king ...

Jotham ... Biblical: a king of Judah during a time of military strife.

Lysander ... Lysander was a Spartan naval and military commander in 400 BC ...
[Lesandro, Lisandro, Lizandro, Lysandros]

Major ... Surname that is also a military title.
[Majer, Mayer, Mayor]

Marshall ... Occupational name. Also a law enforcement title and a military title of great honor ...
[Marchall, Marischal, Marischall, Marschal, Marsh, ... 2 more]

Pompeo ... Pompey was a Roman statesman and military man ...
[Pompey, Pompeyo, Pompi, Pompilio, Pomponio]

Sandhurst ... the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (named after the village it is located) is the prestigious British Army officer training centre.

Standish ... Place name. Mailes Standish was the Pilgrim's military leader who was featured in Longfellow's poem.

Tariq ... Historical: the Islamic military leader (eighth century) who conquered Spain for the Moors.
[Tareek, Tarek, Tareq, Tarick, Tarik, ... 1 more]

Templeton ... a military religious order ...
[Temp, Temple, Templeten]

Related words: army, enemy, fierce, fighting, host, naval, service, warlike. Partial list of 4 results related to military below. Click on above related words for more results.

Kaleb ... "Dog; tenacious and aggressive." ...

Abner ... Biblical: King Saul of Israel's army chief ...
[Ab, Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Abe, ... 8 more]

Lachlan ... May also possibly refer to a Viking ancestor or mean "bellicose" ...

Arrio ... "Belligerent."
[Ario, Arryo, Aryo]

Top 1000 ranking of Military names: Cormac, Major, Marshall, Tariq


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