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Missionary Names

Page 1/3. 54 Missionary names and what they mean, for missionary, apostles, apostle, patriarch, attendant, disciple, archbishop for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Missionary names for girls.

Abram .. Biblical: the patriarch Abraham's name before God changed it ..
[Abe, Abey, Abie, Abramo, Abran, .. 5 more]

Adnan .. Adnan was a descendant of Ismail (Ishmael), one of the sons of the biblical patriarch Ibrahim (Abraham) ..

Andrew .. Biblical: the first chosen of the 12 apostles ..
[Adem, Aindrea, Aindreas, Analu, Anders, .. 44 more]

Anselm .. Saint Anselm (11th century) was archbishop of Canterbury during William the Conqueror's reign, and a formidable influence on medieval Christian thought ..
[Anse, Ansel, Anselme, Anselmi, Anselmo, .. 3 more]

Apollo .. Biblical: Apollo was one of the early Christian disciples ..
[Apollon, Apollos, Apolo]

Apostolos .. (Greek) "Apostle, disciple."

Augustine .. In England, Saint Augustine (sixth century) was the first archbishop of Canterbury famous for the frank "Confessions", in which he says, "Oh God, make me chaste - but not yet".
[Agoston, Aguistin, Agustin, Augie, Augustin, .. 6 more]

Barnabas .. Biblical: Saint Barnabas was a first-century missionary companion of Paul and uncle of the gospeler Mark ..
[Barna, Barnaba, Barnabe, Barnabee, Barnabey, .. 12 more]

Bartholomew .. Biblical: byname of one of the twelve apostles, Nathanael, known as the patron saint of tanners and vintners ..
[Bart, Bartalan, Bartel, Barth, Barthelemy, .. 24 more]

Benjamin .. Biblical: Benyamin was the 12th, youngest and most beloved son of the patriarch Jacob and Rachel, and was originally named Benoni ..
[Ben, Benejamen, Beniamino, Benjaman, Benjamen, .. 24 more]

Calum .. Saint Columba was an influential sixth-century Irish missionary who founded a monastery on the Scottish island of Iona .. His contemporary, Saint Columban, also Irish, was a missionary in France, Switzerland, and Italy ..
[Callum, Colm, Colum]

Cephas .. Biblical: what Jesus called his apostle Simon ..

Chad .. Modern spelling of the medieval given name Ceadda, borne by a seventh-century saint who was Archbishop of York ..
[Chaddie, Chadd, Chadric, Chadrick, Chadwick]

Colman .. The name was borne by many early Irish saints, including Colman of Armagh, a fifth-century disciple of Saint Patrick ..
[Coleman, Kalman]

Conan .. Saint Conan (seventh century) was an Irish missionary on the Isle of Man ..
[Con, Conant, Conn, Connie]

Cort .. (English, Old German) "Courtier, court attendant." ..
[Cortland, Corty, Court, Courtland, Courtenay, .. 4 more]

Dennis .. Biblical: a judge of Athens who was converted to Christianity by the apostle Paul ..
[Den, Denies, Denis, Dennes, Dennet, .. 12 more]

Eldred .. The name of an 11th-century archbishop of York.
[Aldred, Eldrid]

Elisha .. Biblical: faithful attendant and successor to the prophet Elijah.
[Eleisha, Eli, Elisee, Eliseo, Elishah, .. 4 more]

Erastus .. Biblical: Erastus was a missionary sent out by Saint Paul.
[Eraste, Erastos, Rastus]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Missionary names: Abram, Andrew, Apollo, Augustine, Bartholomew, Benjamin, Chad, Dennis, Eldred, Elisha, Erastus

Abram, Andrew, Augustine, Benjamin, Chad, Dennis and Elisha are commonly used names, while Adnan, Anselm, Apollo, Apostolos, Barnabas, Bartholomew, Calum, Cephas, Colman, Conan, Cort, Eldred and Erastus are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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