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Monk names and what they mean, for monk, priest, monastery, abbot, pilgrim, monastic, hermit for males. Here is the list of Monk names for girls. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity during 1960-1969 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Kelly, Palmer, Sumner, Terence and Ira becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable birth names among these are Maximus (#192), Miles (#108), Eli (#49), Damian (#102) and Dominic (#69), and there is a rebound in birth name popularity for Eli and Miles.

Aaron - Aidan

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Aaron 1 .. .. the first high priest of Israel .. A very common name for children (#50 a year ago), and also existing frequently as a last name. The variations Ronny, Erin and Ari are popular as forms of Aaron. [Aaran, Aaren, Aaro, Aaronn, Aaryn, .. 32 more]

Abbott 2 .. Stems fr. Old English word. "Father, priest." Abbott is an infrequently used first name, and it appears frequently (Top 1%) as a last name according to the US Census. .. religious community of monks living in .. [Ab, Abad, Abbe, Abbey, Abbot, .. 6 more]

Abelard 3 .. .. a nun, he became a monk. Abelard is a rarely used male name. The variation Abe is widely used as a variant form of Abelard. [Ab, Abby, Abel, .. 3 more]

Adam 4 .. .. seventh century Irish abbot of Fermo .. Very popular choice for a name for boys (#79 in 2014), Adam also occurs conventionally as a surname. The form Addison is prevalent as a version of Adam. [Ad, Adams, Adao, Addams, Addie, .. 19 more]

Aidan 5 .. .. century established the monastery of Lindisfarne .. Also used as a girls' name. A very popular choice for a given name. The forms Ayden and Aiden are commonplace as versions of the name. [Aedan, Aidano, Aidyn, Ayden, Edan, .. 6 more]

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[Aaron - Aidan]
Aaron [Ronny, Ronnie, ..], Abbott [Abot, Abott, ..], Abelard [Abel, Abelardo, ..], Adam [Edom, Atkins, ..], Aidan [Eidan, Eiden, ..]

[Anthony - Dominic]
Anthony [Tony, Twan, ..], Baldemar [Baumar, Baumer, ..], Barry [Bazz, Berry, ..], Benedict [Bent, Venedictos, ..], Bernard [Burnard, Vernados, ..], Botolf [Botulf, Botulph, ..], Bruno [Bruino, Brunon], Buckminister, Cadfan, Calogero [Kalogeros, Kalogerus], Calum [Colm, Colum], Camilo [Comillo, Camillus], Cecil [Cecyl, Celio, ..], Christian [Krystian, Krystiano, ..], Ciaran [Kieran], Cillian, Colum [Columbanus, Columcille, ..], Comhghall, Damian [Daymon, Demyan, ..], Dominic [Nick, Dominy, ..]

[Dunstan - Maximus]
Dunstan [Dunstin, Dunston], Eleazar [Ely, Eliezer, ..], Eli [Ely, Heli, ..], Eligius [Loy, Eloy, ..], Eunan, Filbert [Philibert, Phillbert, ..], Fintan [Fiontan, Fionntan], Flaminio [Flamino], Forest [Foster, Forster, ..], Gall, Ira, Jethro [Jeth, Jethroe], Kahn, Kelly [Kelley], Kevin [Kevyn, Kevron, ..], Leviticus, Magus, Mannix, Marmaduke [Duke, Marmeduke], Maximus [Maxy, Maximos, ..]

[Mendel - Taggart]
Mendel [Mendell, Mendeley], Mercury [Mercuree, Mercurey], Miles [Mylo, Myles, ..], Minster, Monahan, Monckton [Monkton], Munchin [Mannix, Mainchin], Odilo [Ottild, Ottildo, ..], Odo, Palmer [Palmar, Palmerston], Parrish [Parris, Parriss], Prescott [Prestcot, Prestcott], Presley [Priestly, Priestley, ..], Preston, Pryor [Prior], Saffron [Saffren, Saphron], Standish, Stian [Styg, Stygge], Sumner, Taggart [Taggert]

[Tavaris - Zadok]
Tavaris [Tevarus, Tavarous, ..], Terence [Terry, Terronce, ..], Vincent [Vinzenz, Wincenty, ..], Yves [Yvo, Yvon, ..], Zadok [Zadoc, Zaydok]