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Seferino - Zephyr

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Seferino 1 .. Before he was the monkey in the Babar stories, Zephyr was the West Wind personified in Greek myth .. Seferino is rarely occurring as a male name. See also Severino. [Cefirino, Sebarino, Zefirino, .. 4 more]

Zephyr 2 .. Literary: Zéphir was the name of a mischievous monkey in Laurent de Brunhoff's "Babar" books. Usage is irregular as a birth name. Zephyr is found more conventionally as a surname. Name suitable for both genders. [Zayfeer, Zayphir, Zephiros, .. 5 more]

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Seferino [Zephir, Zephyr, Zefarin, Cefirino, Sebarino, Sephirio, Zefirino], Zephyr [Zefir, Zayfir, Zephir, Zayfeer, Zayphir, Zephiros, Zephirus, Zephyrus]