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Monster names and what they mean, for monster for men. Here is the list of Monster names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its peak in 1910-1919 and it has become much lower since, with names like Grover and Elmo becoming less fashionable.

Aegeus - Elmo

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Aegeus 1 .. Greek mythology: King Aegeus was the father of Theseus, who killed the Cretan monster, the Minotaur .. Not often used as a baby name. [Aigeos, Aigeus]

Cetus 2 .. Stems fr. Greek word. "Large fish or sea monster." A baby name which is little-used. .. Mythology: the name of the sea monsters killed by Perseus and Heracles ..

Champ 3 .. Also in Cryptozoology, the name given to the legendary lake monster (also known as Tatoskok) which supposedly lives in Lake Champlain, between the US and Canada. A birth name for boys which is seldom used and occurs more conventionally as a surname. See also Chap.

Chessie 4 In Cryptozoology, the equivalent of the legendary sea monster Nessie, from the Chesapeake Bay in the US. A boys' name which is little-used. A name used for both sexes.

Elmo 5 .. Also the name of a furry red toddler-monster on the TV series "Sesame Street". Usage of Elmo as a name for newborns has trended downward over time. See also Elvo. [Moe]

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Aegeus [Aigeos, Aigeus], Cetus, Champ, Chessie, Elmo [Moe]

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Grover, Perseus