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Month names and what they mean, for month, march for men. Here is the list of Month names for girls. Usage of these boy names was at its most widespread in 1990 and is somewhat lower today, with names like Marquis becoming less trendy. Marcus (#158) is the most contemporarily stylish birth name here, with this name undergoing a rebound in popularity.

Aries - Janus

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Aries 1 .. Name of the astrological sign for those born from March 21 to April 19. Rare as a birth name, Aries occurs more frequently as a last name. See also Arie. [Ares, Ariese, .. 1 more]

Ashur 2 .. From Kiswahili, Arabic elements. "A month of the Islamic calendar." Scarcely used as a baby name. See also Azur. .. [Asher]

Ashwin 3 .. A calendar month. Unique as a name for babies. See also Aswin. [Ashywyn]

Aviv 4 .. Aviv was the original name of Nisan, the first month of the Hebrew calendar which corresponds with March and April .. A rare birth name for males. See also Avia.

Janus 5 .. He had two faces, one of which looked forward and the other backward, and gave his name to the first month of the year, January .. Unique as a name for babies, existing more frequently as a surname. See also Jancsi. [Gennadi, Janan, Januarius, Jenaro, Jennaro, .. 4 more]

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[Aries - Janus]
Aries [Ares, Arese, Ariese], Ashur [Asher], Ashwin [Ashywyn], Aviv, Janus [Janan, Jenaro, Janusz, Gennaro, Jennaro, Janiusz, Jenarius, Januarius]

[Jeriah - Ziv]
Jeriah [Jarah, Jerah, Jerrah], July [Juli, Julee, Juley], Mabry [Mabrey, Maybery, Maybrey, Maybury, Mayberry], March [Marzo, Marcio], Marcus [Marco, Marcas, Markos, Markus], Marquis [Marqui, Marques, Marquiz, Marquez, Markwees, Markwess, Marquise, Marquess, ..], Mayes [Mays], Nissan [Nisan], Patrick [Pink, Pats, Patty, Patsy, Patryk, Patten, Patton, Patrizius, ..], Ziv [Ziven, Zivon]