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Cornelius - Neil

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Cornelius 1 .. From "cornu" .. Cornelius is a prevalent (Top 38%) given name, occurring often (Top 2%) as a surname in the US Census. The forms Neil and Cornelious are commonplace as variations of this name. [Con, Cornall, Corneille, Cornelious, .. , Neel, .. 13 more]

Neal 2 .. Variant of Neil. Usage of Neal as a name for boys has faded over the years since 1950. See also Niel. [Neale, Nealle, Neel, .. 1 more]

Neil 3 .. Scottish variant of Niall .. Popular choice for a given name (#655 in 2014) which is also found conventionally as a surname. The form Niles is familiar as a version of the name. [Neal, Neall, Nealon, Neel, .. , .. 13 more]

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[Cornelius - Neil]
Cornelius [Neel, Neal, Neil, Neely, Kornelis, Cornilius, Kornelius, Kornelious, ..], Neal [Neel, Neall, Neale, Nealle], Neil [Nels, Nial, Niel, Nile, Neils, Niles, Oneal, Niall, ..]