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Andreas - Brockhoist

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Andreas 1 .. The original New Testament Greek form of Andrew .. A somewhat scarce birth name, Andreas is found more commonly as a surname. Unisex name.

Athol 2 .. Stems fr. Gaelic element. "New Ireland." Athol is an irregularly used male name. See also Athos. .. [Atholl]

Bartlet 3 .. The liberal, scholarly President on the TV series "The West Wing" is called Josiah Bartlett, a name with old-money New England connotations. Bartlet is a sparsely used male name, occurring commonly (Top 66%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Bartle. [Bartlett, .. 1 more]

Boden 4 .. Stems fr. Scandinavian, Old French elements. "One who brings news." Boden is an irregularly used male name, and it appears commonly (Top 9%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Bowen. .. [Bodey, Bodine, .. 4 more]

Brockhoist 5 .. A family name in Old New York. Seldom used as a boys' name.

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[Andreas - Brockhoist]
Andreas, Athol [1], Bartlet [2], Boden [6], Brockhoist

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Emmanuel [23], Erie, Evangel [7], Fiorello, Gabriel [19], Gamaliel [2], Harmony [1], James [28], Lindsay [12], Mario [3]

[Mark - Newell]
Mark [18], Masefield, Monroe [3], Nashua, Neander, Nelson [10], Neville [5], Newbury [2], Newcomb [1], Newell [3]

[Newland - Seneca]
Newland, Newlin, Newport, Newton, Paul [26], Rudy [3], Rush, Saviero, Savion [2], Seneca

[Skyler - Zuni]
Skyler [9], Tammany, Taos, Trenton [2], Vermont, Wagner [2], Wyandanch, Xavier [12], Zuni