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Button 1 .. .. the description of a baby's nose. Distinctive as a given name for boys, Button is used more often as a last name. See also Sutton.

Cameron 2 .. Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Crooked nose." A name suited for both genders. The name Cameron has surged in popularity as a given name over the years since 1880-1889. The variation Camron is popular as a variant form of Cameron. Highlands clan name derived from the .. [Cam, Camaeron, Camren, Camry, Kamrey, .. 4 more]

Courtney 3 .. .. meaning "short nose". Usually feminine in .. Usage of the name Courtney for boys has fallen off over the years since 1980. Unisex name. The variation Cortney is generally used as a variant form of the name. [Cortney, Courtenay, .. 2 more]

Cyrano 4 .. .. and his extraordinary nose provided the .. Cyrano is unique as a male name. See also Cereno. [Cyran]

Griffin 5 .. Stems fr. Latin word. "Hooked nose." Usage of Griffin as a given name is commonplace (#241 the previous year). Griffin also exists frequently as a surname. .. (hence the hooked nose) and the .. [Griff, Griffon, Gryffin, .. 3 more]

Nesbit 6 .. Derivative of Old English word. "Bend shaped like a nose." Unusual as a birth name for males, Nesbit is found more frequently as a surname. Place name that refers to a .. [Naisbit, Naisbitt, Nisbet, .. 2 more]

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