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Odilo - Toussaint

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Odilo 1 .. .. of All Souls' day on November 2 .. Odilo, Odilio, etc. are seldom found as male names. [Odile, Odilon, .. 4 more]

Scorpio 2 .. .. people born between October 21 and November 21. Uncommon. Scorpio (cf. Acacio, Gedalio) ends with the familiar masculine-sounding -io. [Skorpios]

Toussaint 3 .. .. babies born on November 1, All Saint's .. Toussaint is uncommon as a masculine name, existing regularly (upper 4%) as a surname.

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Odilo - Toussaint
Odilo [Odile, Odilio, Odilon, Otildo, Ottild, Ottildo], Scorpio [Skorpios], Toussaint