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Obscure baby names and what they mean, with 9 results. Adoption of these boy names was at its most widespread during the years 1880-1889 (ADOPTION OF 1.5%) and has become much less since (ADOPTION 0.5%, 69%), with names such as Darius becoming less trendy. Jude (#161) and Roman (#98) are two of the more fashionable boy names in this list, while Romen (TOP 67%) and Dumas (1%) are conventional last names.

Obscure names

Arthur - Roman


.. Artorius, which is of obscure origin .. Arthur (compare Augur, Anzur) is a popular -ur suffix last name. [Arty, Artro, Artie, Arthor, Art, Arrt, .. 12 more]

An obscure English saint in the .. Batolf and Cetolf are creative forms. [Botulph, Botolph, .. 2 more]


Clan name of obscure meaning, possibly .. Cesar is a commonplace (UPPER 29%) male name. [Sezar, Seasar, Kaiser, Cesar, .. 5 more]


.. name of an obscure saint who .. Usage of Darius, Derry, etc. as birth names in 2016 was down 8.8% compared to a year ago. [Derry, .. 6 more]

.. source for the obscure name Deems. Demars (UPPER 5%), Demus (22%) are common surnames. [Dimas]

.. name of an obscure tenth century .. Outside Top 2000.


.. novel named "Jude the Obscure" (1895) .. Jude (TOP 91%) and Judson (76%) are recognizable as masculine names, while Jud, Judah, Judas, Judd and Judsen are atypical. [Judson, Judsen, Judd, Judah, Jud, .. 1 more]

.. Nazarius was an obscure fourth century .. A seldom-used baby name, Nazaire occurs more often as a last name. [Nazor, Nazaro, Nasarrio, Nasareo, .. 2 more]


.. name of several obscure saints and .. Romain and variants were popular presently. [Rome, Romanus, Romanos, Romaine, .. 3 more]

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1. Arthur - Roman
Arthur [Arty, Arto, Artus, Artur, Artro, Artor, Arturo, Artturi, ..], Botolf [Botulf, Botulph, Botolph, Botolff], Caesar [Sezar, Cezar, Cesar, Casar, Seasar, Kaiser, Cesaro, Cesare], Darius [Derry, Dario, Darias, Derrius, Darrius, Darious, Dariess], Demas [Dimas], Edred, Jude [Jud, Judd, Judas, Judah, Judson, Judsen], Nazaire [Nazor, Nazaro, Nazario, Nasareo, Nazarius, Nasarrio], Roman [Rome, Romano, Romain, Romanus, Romanos, Romanes, Romaine]

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