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Observation Names

2 Observation names and what they mean, for observation for baby boys, listing 1-2.

Caleb .. Biblical: Caleb, a companion of Moses and Joshua, was noted for his astute powers of observation and fearlessness in the face of overwhelming odds ..
[Cal, Cale, Cayleb, Kaleb, Kayleb, .. 1 more]

Odilo .. Saint Odilo was an 11th-century monk and abbott of the influential monastery at Cluny who instituted the observation of All Souls' day on November 2 ..
[Odile, Odilio, Odilon, Otildo, Ottild, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Observation names: Caleb

Caleb is a commonly used name, while Odilo is rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: address, declaration, discovery, eye, intelligence, judgment, lights, performance, respect, saying, theory.

Ahab .. Pleasant way to address an uncle ..

Yanai .. (Aramaic) "He will answer." ..

Ferris .. Brought to attention in the 1980s by the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".
[Farris, Farrish, Ferriss]

Abbott .. Also, the name may have originated as a teasing nickname for a man with the grave and pious attitude associated with an abbot ..
[Ab, Abad, Abba, Abbe, Abe, .. 6 more]

Maverick .. (American) "An independent man who avoids conformity." ..

Balfour .. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a declaration of British support for its limited Jewish settlement in Palestine ..
[Balfer, Balfor, Balfore, Ballfour]

Darion .. John Keats described the moment of discovery when explorers stood "silent, upon a peak in Darien".
[Darian, Darien, Darrian, Darrien, Darrion]

Bravo .. The exclamation that accompanies a brilliant performance, traditionally in an opera house ..
[Brahvo, Bravvo]

Gaetano .. Caieta may also derive from Kaiadas, a Greek place for the execution of prisoners ..
[Caetano, Cayetano, Cajetan, Cajetano, Gaetan, .. 5 more]

Akshan .. (Sanskrit) "Eye." ..

Shalom .. Also a common greeting in Hebrew.
[Sholom, Solomon]

Cedric .. The name later acquired a "sissy" image due to Cedric Errol Fauntleroy, the long-haired, velvet-suited boy hero of Frances Hodgson Burnett's 1886 novel "Little Lord Fauntleroy" ..
[Caddaric, Ced, Cedrick, Cedrik, Cedro, .. 6 more]

Fitzhugh .. (Old French, Old German) "Son of intelligence." ..

Lidon .. (Hebrew) "Judgment is mine."
[Ledon, Leedon]

Tancred .. His story was made into an epic poem by Tasso and into operas by Rossini and Monteverdi, thus keeping the name alive today, especially in Italy.
[Tancredi, Tancredo]

Ner .. A symbolic name for boys born on Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights, or on Friday evening before the lighting of Sabbath candles.

Pascal .. The Latin source derives from the Hebrew word for "Passover", the name of the springtime Jewish observance equivalent to the Christian celebration of Easter ..
[Pascale, Pascalle, Paschal, Paschalis, Pascoe, .. 4 more]

Bravo .. The exclamation that accompanies a brilliant performance, traditionally in an opera house ..
[Brahvo, Bravvo]


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